Trading players within your club

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Why not allow me to trade one of my high level players currently on my bench who may be of use to one of my teammates for a player that i may be able to start on my team... example..i have 4 56+ SS but a 41 catcher and i cant seem to get one in the draft and my teamate has a decent catcher on his bench and could use one of my SS as an upgraded DH 


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    Also let us set our own batting order and let us use franchise coins for pitchers also.
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    I'd hope the dev team is thinking of some sort of trading system, but in other (non baseball) games that have had would always run into an onerous problem. The unintended consequences aren't hard to see. If a few heavies want to make a run at something they would soak the best players from their club mates, probably saying he'll give them right back after, and usually does, but there are bound to be a not insignificant minority who would say - "thanks for the players guys - I'm leaving for a better club."

    it also virtually guarantees a sudden influx of alt accounts. It's just common sense - you'll have a main account and three or four other ones that just play for draft draws. They get a good one they just run it up the chain to the master account.

    Most importantly however, trading suddenly brings with it a game economy. If it's JUST players, maybe not so much, but if included gold (ill take your Bautista for your Luckroy but only r if you throw cash/golderiod winfow /boosts/whatever.

    All that said, this is a baseball game. You can't NOT be thinking about possibly adding a trade component. It's deeply embedded as a fundamental part of the business and the way the game is played. But an off the shelf solution wouldn't work.  You'd have to build it organically from game. Something like trading available only during certain windows of time. Or a proposed and agreed-upon trade has to ultimately go to Commissioner Review, so there's a lag of a few days and ultimately the mods can decide if it's a solid baseball transaction.

    On balance, I am VERY much in favor of a trading mechanic being added here. It's too good an idea, it would be very well received by us, and it would deepen the world of the game. But it's also very challenging, runs the risk of throwing the whole game off in not necessarily expected ways. So be smart, thoughtful, and proactive in doing it, and the 
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