Gold XPs am I stupid?

How do you use these? I have a bunch like over 20000 but never get to use them. Am I missing something?


  • Demonica007Demonica007 Member 7 Posts
    Ok I am told that the prime xp and legend xp are for those type of players. The standard players and all-star players only use the regular blue...
  • Demonica007Demonica007 Member 7 Posts
    I,know that the purple evo is to evolve but I have a ton of prime xp and like 30k+ legend exp. When will I,ever need to use those? I have a all-star ,player but I only needed to use reg. Blue exp to,level,him up...? Thanks.

    You need prime players for prime xp and you need legend players for legend xp. All other players use the blue xp.

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