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How many of you all are experiencing issues with the 360 videos you know the ones with the Megatron in center field playing the ads? I have issues where the cause my phone to freeze and crash. Is anyone else experiencing this??? Also they need to get some consistency with their video player. I mean for goodness sake you get two or three in a row and then you have to wait 48 seconds for the next one and then 25 seconds for the one after that and then almost a minute for one after that. It used be for a while there you would get one every 7-8 seconds and then after 12-15 videos one would come every 30 seconds on the dot. It'd be awesome to go back to that but I know greedy ole' Glu ain't gonna let that happen so at least give 4-5 in row and then one every 30 seconds, consistency that's all I want. I mean the videos are a big part of my gaming experience and right now my gaming experience sucks because of the 360 videos issue and the inconsistent times between videos! 


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    Hey!  Right now mine are freezing on loading video from the gold screen to daily reward to the extra bar of energy.  I may re download the app but I can’t do anything with video unless it’s an add that comes up after a game 
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