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I get that the game is meant to be a cash grab. It's the same as Madden Mobile. Glu is lower budget EA sports. However it'd be nice if it was at least somewhat probable to succeed in some parts of the game like tournament finals and walk off rounds without having to spend gold or buy anything. I'd rather pay 4.99 once and have a better game than get a game that intentional messes with mechanics to prevent free to play success.
1) an "open all" button for packs. after walkoff and HR derby events i have a hundred late round and 50 second round picks. I'd rather hit one button to open them all than sit for 10 mins opening them. And this won't affect how much money Glu will make either. It'll just improve gameplay experience.
2) Make the information (recent event history, member club points, level) of public clubs viewable by people not in those clubs. I don't want to trust that someone isn't lying about their club performance based upon what they say in chat. Again, this would not cost Glu a dollar in profit and would only aid the game experience.
I can understand not adding things into the game that would promote f2p players, but I can't see any explanation for not adding these 2 things into the game besides "We're too lazy". Care about your game Glu not just money.


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    Regarding #1: I think part of the addiction within the game is tied to the "slot-machine-like" function of draft picks and "wiggling" mystery boxes. I'm sure there is supporting market research for this. But I do agree that the late round and second round picks are annoying when they pile up. I would suggest that they should stop rewarding teams with late and second round picks at a certain point since they are useless. Instead they could offer XP rewards (like the 8 gold or 2k cash rewards) so that it would save the headache of opening and trading in useless players.

    Regarding #2: This makes a lot of sense. But integrating a photo sharing method would be less invasive to the rest of the club. It would be great if a proper chat was integrated, so picture sharing, emojis and message notifications were possible, but it is not a simple switch. Plus most serious teams just use chat apps such as WhatsApp or Line. A bit annoying getting everyone on board and using it to analyze new players, but not the worst thing once it's going...
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