Best way to approach this game?

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I've been playing for almost 5 weeks now. Trying to find out what actual path to take here. Should I be concerned with loading up on POTW to fill out my roster will they turn out useless after their week of glory? Should I only be focused on accruing PRIME players? I don't want to waste resources only to figure it out down the road. All viewpoints welcome. What is your strategy?


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    Definitely a tough question. You want to have a well rounded team for all events. In order to do so, you should stay in the bronze level to build up xp and cash to max your roster cheaply. Leveling up too fast will hurt due to the fact you will be playing catch up in silver or gold even. Please don’t ignore your slugfest guys. I was able to cycle slugfest week 1 and in doing so you will gain draft picks, which don’t always pan out but do give you more xp. Max out your top 3 sluggers for slugfest. Once you are able to cycle you can repeat cycling to build more and more xp, cash etc. Rome wasn’t built in a day. My best slugger Was 3.5 Stars and still cycled. Event is harder now due to 6th level being added, but don’t give up. If you have already gone to silver make sure you slow down and really build your players to max levels. I’ve been here since the beginning and I’m still in silver. Cycled 3 times in slugfest today and earned nearly 80k prime xp in the process. Also, got 12 #1 slugger picks, 12 first round slugger picks and 12 second round picks. That’s a bunch of gold not needed to spend on those first two picks and great amount of xp. You will get there some day. 

    For walk off hero on mondays...

    it it is very tough at the beginning I will not lie. I didn’t cycle for the first month. You just need to keep improving your team daily. Join a club, prove you are active daily and you will benefit by club rewards if they are strong enough you will get good stuff daily. 
    You mentioned POW draft picks. Yes, if you have the gold try for those since they have 50% odds of landing one of the players. Try for that box the day it is released so that you have the player for the entire week to help with events. POW player will allow you the best odds to complete the Monday event. Will have a solid matchup on the final guy to complete level 5 with a maxed out POW. This will allow you to earn the Monday Player prize and a solid addition to your team. 

    Tuesdays you just have to play your games when your meter fills up. You can slow play a win streak to go for 7 or 8 wins that will give you more points for streaking and help your club more than just playing as fast as you can. If you can put together a longer streak with gold then go for it.

    also, POW will be a bonus for this day so very big help

    wednesdays we covered

    whatever rewards you earn on Wednesday put that back into your sluggers. It’s what I was taught and it helps.


    POW is usually a bonus here as well. You will earn bonus games on mondays by participating in Walk off hero. 

    Friday - Sunday

    Weekend boxes are so tough to hit on, but if you do make sure to grind the rest of the weekend for your club.

    After the event. Repeat repeat repeat. Slowly but surely your team will strengthen.

    a good club goes a long way. If you get along with everyone and people are active on the chats it will bring everyone else up. I’m very fortunate I’ve been with my club Last years version. 

    Watch videos. Complete easy offers. Build gold. You don’t have to spend money, but you are welcome to.
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    Great outline Bizy .  If you can play everyday it definitely helps.  Even if it's only an hour per day .Just make sure you are doing something to benefit one aspect of the game and if you can benefit multiple areas, even better .
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