How do I remove an inactive club leader?

Leader has been inactive for 45 days. Is there a way to remove him from the club and appoint a new leader?


  • ianharris0884ianharris0884 1 PostsMember
    No, there is not a way to do it. I was in a club where the leader hadn’t gotten on for three months and when I messaged glu about it they said there was nothing they could do. 
  • BDavis914BDavis914 18 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Unfortunately you cannot. You have to leave the club and either start your own which is difficult to build or join one. May I suggest joining TheCreek. I'm the leader and am active everyday as are the other 4 members. We were a much larger club but I weed out the inactives who benefit off of our work! Come give us a shot
  • Blacksmith78Blacksmith78 21 PostsRegistered Users, Member
     You can't really.  Come join beer money diamond club needs 2 players
  • ClericTavenClericTaven New Member 132 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Rather than start a new thread, I searched and found this. Have a similar dilemma. Assistants are daily active, but Leader has been absent for over a month. Understandably, he can not be outright ousted, but it would be nice if roles can be usurped by contacting Support to promote a co-leader.
    ~ Andrew
    TSB19 - SF bay Area
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