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when a customer has a bad experience because they spent money for gold and that gold was used and wasted, don’t tell the customer there is nothing you can do. I spent 1,000 gold on Monday during the walk-off event. I had several issues with the game freezing, just like it has since the update last week. It froze mid-pitch a lot and there was no way to time up the pitch. When some one loses $10 worth of gold because the game messed up, that doesn’t fall on the customer, but the game itself. That should be refunded. Ive never asked for a refund before and I’ve seen others in my club get refunds


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    I totally agree with you, I've been having the same issue with CS, meanwhile I have some friends that are VIP's that got 20,000 gold back for the same problem, we had even sent the same message to Glu.
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    I always get the check your wifi , dont play on 3or4g .......... but ive never had a glitch or crash while playing off the wifi but they protect the gold as if its precious and rare lol but yeah , if we complain about using gold and game crashes we should be given that gold straight back after all we paid or earnt it

    is there a different system used for spending gold earnt as to gold brought ??? ive found if i earn it through offers or vids my prize is usually crap , but if i buy a pack then spend it usually i get better players ?? maybe a change to rewards , say silver bars for vids so a prime draft would be 500 gold or 750 silver and then have better chances of scoring top players ?????
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    I’ve had trouble with that myself it’s kind of funny it usually happen on the last match up to win the player. I was actually told by customer service rep that they don’t refund gold for that because the issue was fixed in last update. No it wasn’t...
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    It seems like it depends on which representative you get sometimes.  Remember the 2 ball glitch in walk off hero about a month back?  I emailed customer service about it and was give 180 gold for inconvience. I saw someone else emailed them as well and got the generic "nothing we can do", I've also heard other people getting different amounts of gold than what I got. Are reps allotted so much they can give in a time period or what us the reason for the inconsistency?
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    A club member and myself both lost our club points during the Red Sox vs Mariners box bug last weekend. He contacted his rep and got 1000 gold two days later. I did the same thing and I was told that it was my fault and that they couldn't offer me compensation for the bug in the game after waiting a week for a response.... SMDH.
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    Consistency would be awesome as well. 
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    I would love to see REFUNDS of any sort. I am a VIP have spent WAY TOO MUCH DAM money on this stoopid game, but I love to play it. I have complained time and time again and NOT ONE TIME have I been refunded a DIME or Received any compensation of ANY KIND! I complain almost every day about sometime, as I run a club and my members also have issues, so I try to assist them as well, as they all come to me, being the fact that I am a VIP. It's just totally ridiculous. I like some of the new features in 2018 version, but feel 2017 had way less problems with the functionality of the game. I still play 2017, but it's boring as they haven't offered bonus players of any sort since March with 2018 first came out. If someone has any tricks or knows of anything that you can say or do to get a refund, please let me know!! T-I A
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    I can't speak for anyone else but GLU did promptly refund me gold I lost due to the double ball glitches that we used to have.
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    Get a refund through iTunes and let Apple deal with them.  
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