Resetting ad ID and being throttled with videos?

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My primary means for gold has been watching videos. I used to get about 1500+ a day. However, in the past couple of weeks, I'd be lucky to get 200-300 a day. As soon as I watch a few, I get the dreaded 'no videos available' message. I attempted to get around it by resetting my ad ID. Unfortunately, it has served as a double whammy. My videos 'work' for a few minutes and I still get the 'no videos available message.' On top of that, it has messed up my offers, which now instantly fail. Has this happened to anyone else? Does GLU throttled videos? I opened a ticket with CS regarding the matter, but they didn't disclose anything specific. They are, however, aware of exactly how much gold I get from watching videos. Lastly, as if it wasn't bad enough that it's slowed my gold rush down considerably, it also effects my events. Often, I've tried to do a video replay, only to get a 'no videos available message.' The 'fix' has been to simply not watch videos hours prior to any particular event where video replay is useful. Fwiw, I'm on android.
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    I have had the exact same experience. I didn't reset ad ID at all for months of April-June because videos had worked decently. I was stashing gold thinking I was gonna be able to have enough stored that once they release legends Id be able to do the fan rewards every week. WOH has since dealt a serious blow to my gold stash and just like you my 1-3k of gold per day is now a couple hundred... I tried to do ad reset and it certianly hasn;t helped at all (maybe its hurt me? idk) . Some of my club memeber said they have luck uninstalling the game and re-installing the game and then getting more videos to load
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    And yea I set timers and try to get the max gold free streaks but it really kills you when you get the "no videos available" so frustrating!!!

    We are defiantly not alone. Hopefully glu/tapjoy gets it figured out because I really takes the fun out of the game when you spend so much time trying to earn gold and get no reward

    It must be lack of advertisers. There have been no double gold videos like last year and they have added 2 part videos. Hopefully this will improve..
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    Just want to add to the conversation by saying my experience with videos for gold has been almost the same. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was making at least 1,000 gold a day watching videos. Now I am lucky to make a hundred because of the ads not available or just a loading ad message that never goes away. Pretty frustrating and really changes the game experience.
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    This screen has also become all too familiar. It seemingly stays that way until I restart my phone ..

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    I've had the reverse experience...going from basically no videos or maybe 40 gold per day since the game release to now about 1500 gold a few days per week (a few days will still be nada). The change happened about 4 weeks ago and it's a good thing it did because I had run out of promos to do and had lost my patience with getting denied rewards from tapjoy for nonsense reasons. I've read in these forums that the changing of the Ad ID is not appreciated by both Glu and Tapjoy so there maybe something to what you're concerned about. It's not only a lack of videos that's a problem this year, it's the technical problems getting access to any that may be there or the videos crashing/freezing your game when it tries to play.
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    Don't know if there's any truth to this but it makes sense based on people I've played with and experiences I've had. A guy I was in a club with for the last 2 versions of this game talked about accounts getting "soft jailed". He had other terms for it and I've heard a couple different people call it different things but it's basically what you're describing. Limiting your videos, not getting payouts from doing offers, and bottom of the list payouts from mystery boxes and draft picks. Stuff that really makes you wonder but you can't really prove. I think Android users get a lot more videos than iOS users do. It's my personal belief that they eventually catch the people that are frequently resetting their advertising ID's and this is what you get. Another person I was in a club with for several months in the '17 version was jailed for resetting his advertising ID too many times over the weekend. Glu told him he was taking advantage of an exploit in the game. I know that for a fact because I saw the screenshot.
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    @Timberwolf It's been my experience that they will not specify why a person is jailed. The 'exploit' in question may or may not be related to resetting the ad ID.
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    @DFBB. Welcome to my world man. I have had this issue since 2017 sir. Sent in over 20 tickets on the matter and even as a VIP there is nothing they can do about it. I work in marketing so I understand how this works, its based on quota. The more users they have watching videos the faster the "cap" gets hit for the money they have allocated to marketing ads. Once they have been maxed out for a certain time period, i.e) could be on a daily basis or weekly not sure. The videos will become less and less available until it resets for the next cycle.

    Resetting the AD ID. This is a dangerous game to play with because TapJoy will ban you from using their offers if you continue to do it. They have it outlined in their privacy policy that resetting ad ids is not allowed and will result in banning. Resetting the ID ad does not reset your offers or give you new video ads to watch. Its not how it works. Do so at your own risk, once you are banned from Tapjoy you will no longer be able to watch videos or complete offers.
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