Walk off hero update?



  • ThunderstormerThunderstormer Registered Users, Member 215 Posts
    Anyone know 5.8 - 5.10 pitchers today. Thx!!!
  • whammo911whammo911 Registered Users, Member 963 Posts
    Well I’m now 100% sure the outcomes are predetermined. I hit a lead off triple the next inning after tying it up, while the animation of him rounding second and going to third there was some lag and it pops up saying the guy rounding second scored on a single from my next batter who hasn’t hit yet. Guess what happened next...lol
  • SandpipersSandpipers Registered Users, Member 1,327 Posts
    Just received the other missing Knoblauch box for my 2nd account....and got xp, ugh.
    It's all done with mirrors
  • EndpointEndpoint Registered Users, Member 67 Posts
    I got to the final game and I normally get stopped around the 5th or 6th game in round 5 so it was definitely easier. I got Knoblauch box but XP.
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