'New' Woh mode....

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I absolutely LOVE it! In the past, I was always nervous about simply being able to beat WoH. The new changes have made it more about cycling and less about slow playing for bonus points. I love the WoH box, which also encourages us to cycle. In the past, once I beat WoH, I'd slow play for hours. Now, it's about getting in as many cycles as possible so we get more cracks at the players we want....and that's how it should be!
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    @DFBB I agree as long as they don't keep the secondary box as the only way to get a legend in WOH.
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    Yeah, slow playing sucks, so it's great to be able to pick up a quality player, and cycle through again for an attempt at another.  I wish they would also keep the premium xp box at the end of level 4.
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    Walkoff is, at least for me, the only viable way of improving my team. I don’t have the desire to spend thousands chasing the legend boxes — my miserable experience trying the get Ted Williams is not repeatable (spent about 34k gold, no Teddy). 

    So I like it this new way too, but hope they introduce legends as the main reward soon. Even the 246 guys mostly don’t help my team anymore. Or if they do, only marginally. 
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    Yeah getting two good players yesterday was pretty nice.  I like that I could chase additional cycles for more reasons than just club points.  I would’ve liked Kershaw or Yount a little more than Davis but now my closer is set (Late Innings seems amazing on a guy who will only pitch the 9th inning or later). 
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    @redlegs2018u You can get Davis into the game a little earlier by putting him as your RP1. Even when my Ace is pitching well, my closer would usually throw 3 innings for me. 

    Of course, that was prior to last week when my bullpen had the most ridiculous period of improvement imaginable. I picked up Prime Kimbrel, Labor Day Diaz, then Hero Davis all within about 10 days. So now, my starters usually go 6, no matter how good they are. That's followed by 3 straight perfect innings from 3 different pitchers. 
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    Davis's stuff rating is 277 (capped at Gold 10).  That's ridiculous.  By comparison, my Prime Kimbrel's stuff caps at 249.  Prime deGrom is 240.  At first I was bummed I didn't get Yount or Signature Kershaw, but that Davis is sweet.  Regular xp, too.   
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    I've also found even outside their POTW week that the new guys with skills are actually better than some of my Primes..(which is a bit of a bummer) but when Mallex Smith is a 278 and Prime Harper Gold 5 is only 204 I cant leave Harper in the game. that kinda sucks.
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    What did they change in WOH?
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    The rewards have definitely been a plus the last few weeks.  If I could change one thing about the WOH I would add a continue with 1 extra out for x amount of gold  just like in CVC events.  That would be better than always have to restart the entire inning down by 5 again!  So many guys get so close on the last round that it would save a lot of guys from quitting the game.  
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    Oh my that would be a money maker!!!  Extra out for 100 gold and you know they would program all curveballs to get the suckers to keep buying!!

    I'm confused by what you mean by 5.7 and 5.8.  You mean the round and level? 
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