Please knock down the Tiers and improve the rewards

nym5fannym5fan Registered Users, Member 767 Posts
Very few clubs have the ability to reach the new T5 and T6 levels for rewards. Clubs that once maxed the tiers daily now struggle to reach T5. Knock T5 back down to 2.5 million from 25 million and knock T6 down to 11.5 million. Something attainable for clubs that are not the elite 1% with hackers or 20 VIPs spending boatloads of cash. A club like mine that has 20 daily players that are active and play all day every day should be able to max out the tier rewards. And for Royale set the bar a little lower as well. 500 Million for top tier is nuts. Drop it to 250 million or something a little more reasonable. And give out gold for T5 and T6 make the rewards reflect the amount of resources that will be burned achieving the tier. 
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  • LonzoBallinLonzoBallin Registered Users, Member 633 Posts
    Excellent suggestions.
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  • mynolesrockmynolesrock Registered Users, Member 45 Posts
    Same for my club. Tier 6 used to be something we would get in an hour or two or before Saturday on weekend events.  Now we aren't even getting Tier 5 most of the time.
  • BayouGatorsBayouGators Registered Users, Member 44 Posts
    Weekend rewards suck anyway, no incentive to push hard and play 
  • miggyrisingmiggyrising Registered Users, Member 162 Posts
    There's nothing more deflating in this game than collecting weekend event rewards. 

    My club does play on the weekend, mostly because half the guys can't play as much during the week. It's our opportunity to get together and have some fun. 

    This past weekend is a great example of how terrible the rewards are. As a club, we placed 6th in one of the top brackets. We scored 836M points. We don't have any loaders or cheaters, but we do have several VIPs. 

    Our reward for this effort is 3x #1 Draft Picks, a Club Reward box, and 3k regular XP. 

    From the Draft Picks, there was never any chance that anyone in our club would get anyone for their roster. Zero percent chance. The best players available from those draft picks are well below the worst players on any of our rosters. So, those are going to be XP. I turned mine in for a whopping total of 1717 regular XP. 

    The Club Rewards Box similarly contains nothing of value. I got 1200 regular XP. 

    So, after a weekend of grinding, the rewards from placing 6th amount to 5917 regular XP, which is about enough to level up 1 player 2 notches for a Gold team. Yippee! 

    Of course, we did max out our Progress Reward under the new levels. So, we got 4x Prime Draft Picks. Again, all XP as the Prime Draft Picks do not contain any chance of getting a top tier Prime with skills player that would make any of our rosters. 

    We did get a little Prime XP and a stingy amount of Legend XP along with a random energy drink, a couple ice wraps, and a single bonus game. 

    If we calculated the amount of gold our team spent on playing the weekend event, there's no question we would've been better off simply using that gold to buy Improve boxes. We would've gotten a ton more XP and spent a lot more time with our wives and kids. 
  • MISSREDMISSRED Registered Users, Member 251 Posts
    Weekend rewards are pure garbage. Cant even win gold on the weekend club event. CVC is a decent setup, but 100,000,000 points is a lot of game time for virtually no reward but bragging rights. 
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  • EndpointEndpoint Registered Users, Member 64 Posts
    It's entirely disheartening and explains why the rumors of the game bleeding subscribers is likely true. When something this ridiculous happens you get the logical reason of "too many people hitting the goal" but the reality is that that means too many people weren't giving them cash. 
  • nym5fannym5fan Registered Users, Member 767 Posts
    @endpoint the recent update with subscriptions and these new ridiculous tiers all point to Glu trying to bring more cash in the door. Yes the logical reason you mention makes sense, but then just add a tier and make it 25 mill or something attainable that only active clubs can reach. Don't make it so that only the elite 1% of clubs can tier out. And as @MISSRED mentions, the rewards are garbage for the resources and amount of time necessary to reach these new pie in the sky tiers. 
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