Just want you to know your decisions of late are reducing my gameplay time...

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I assume that you care about feedback. That being said I find almost everything you do lately to be poorly done, with no communication, and increasingly more blatant in your cash grab. Respect for your players, considering you don't mind asking me for $20 a day for a new player constantly, should include telling us when you are increasing goals in order to further restrict people's gameplay options. 

Some of my issue right now is because I'm out of EVO Tokens and have several players at gold 10 and it will take days unless I toss in cash for tokens. But you're making that increasingly impossible because now I have to buy the new POTW and POTM for the team bonus PLUS they have very low benefit in CvC because they're not Prime players. 

Your greed is killing what was once a real passion for playing this game.

Thanks for reading.


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    Bright side of this ended up being I ended up playing Elder Scrolls. It's pretty fun. 
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