Game Changers 18 Box

Babybombers9Babybombers9 Registered Users, Member 212 Posts
Is this a pretty good deal for a box? I’m bronze and this looks like it might be an efficient use of gold. What do you think?


  • TenwetheTenwethe Registered Users, Member 88 Posts
    Yes, it is a very good use of gold if you are a new player. 
    Arenado or I will put Beuhler on DL
  • forlornclamstampforlornclamstamp Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    unless you pull the one player they don't use right. I pulled Turner last box who was poor bonus for Tuesday and nothing else. then lindor this week who has only been used for cvc while NOLA has been used twice already. guess well see today
  • mounties2mounties2 Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    Yeah I pulled lindor so I thought it was worth it
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