Game closes while substituting players

geauxtigersgeauxtigers Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
has anyone else had issues with the game crashing while trying to sub players in and out? It's happened ten times in a row tonight while trying to sub players in and out. When I click on a player to sub him out the game crashes out and when I log back in I get the error message to send report or not send report. Also my videos haven't worked all weekend but that's a whole other issue. 


  • heinzmustardheinzmustard Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Mine also crashes. I will crash while upgrading players. It must be our WiFi 
  • Ncslugger5Ncslugger5 Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    I’ve had the same thing it’s really annoying. Also I hate when I’m doing WOH and I get a phone call and I lost the round 
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