Perfect way to spend 30k gold

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Ok so say you’re a high end bronze team. For sluggers: A five star, a couple 4 and a half star Los and the rest four stars maxed out. And you saved up 30k gold to earn a legendary player. How would you spend it in one weekend? Curious how people allocate their resources the most efficiently. I want to be like Billy Beane on this one.


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    Well, your reward player is a legend so first thing you're going to need is some legend xp. So I'd buy the legend xp boxes until you have a nice stash, say 35k if you're wanting to level him to silver 10 eventually. 

    I am in the same boat (saved enough gold for the fan reward legend this weekend). I am hoping it is another left handed bat like last week because I need a good, strong one badly.

    My ultimate pipe dream is Ozzie Smith, switch hitter with WOH skill. I could then relive one of my favorite childhood moments every Monday and Wednesday when he hits a HR ("Go crazy, folks!!!") haha.
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    Any update on who is the fan rewards legend this weekend?
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    In case anyone was wondering what 30,000 gold will get you on a fan rewards weekend:

    Legend George Brett
    Prime deGrom
    Improved my SS position from 270 max Correa to 360 max Escobar w/ RISP skill (and he bats switch)
    I did get two bonus players for this weekend from buying a bunch of those boxes - Braun and Bote
    ~ 25k PXP
    ~ 100k BXP
    ~ 170k blue cash
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