New idea for tournaments

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I think tournament prizes should be randomized or maybe even a ladder prize. 

Option #1 prizes are randomized so you could get the normal box prize or maybe other boxes or players or whatever it may be.

Option #2 ladder reward so consecutive wins is key. Won #1-4 would be tournament boxes like normal. Box 5 would be say an Evo box. Boxes 6-9 would be tournament boxes. Box 10 would be a special players box like what we get for gifts. And so on. But remember you have to win multiple tournaments in a row.


  • manbearpuigmanbearpuig Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
    I think this is a really fun idea. My only concern is that the tournaments would become much harder than they currently are. At the moment, I use tournaments to farm bonus games so I can cycle diamond 6 on a weekly basis for gold. This new idea would most likely disrupt that, although it certainly would make tournaments a lot more fun and a lot more popular 
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    As long as I keep getting my bonus games I’m all for it. Would love to see franchise coins removed from those boxes 
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    How many tournaments/cash do you need to be able to cycle?
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    Diamond?  I really haven’t kept track. Cash is what I pay attention to more. I probably spend 1.5-2 mil on tournaments a week and then those bonus games typically carry me through. 

    Tournaments really cost 25,000 after the small cash rewards after a win.  I currently have 400 bonus games for this Thursday and 1.4 mil in cash for tomorrow. 
  • nadeezynadeezy Registered Users, Member 77 Posts
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