Follow up on why I stopped paying you money...

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...on 10/11/2018 I didn't give up this game I just decided I wouldn't pay you money anymore for gold. You've shown little regard or respect for players and your cash grabs have become almost appalling, and that says a LOT for an app game. 

Interestingly what I DID do is play Vikings: War of Clans in order to win some gold to use in this game and continue leveling up. 

At this point I've given that game a total of $130.00 for a month of play. 

I want you to know, as a developer, that I wanted to give the money to this game. If there's a game I enjoy playing it's this one and I'd like the advantage that money gives me, like it gives me in Vikings. I get a reward that I can use that doesn't require me to BUY MORE stuff just to be useful. 

Here's how your game goes:
You want me to buy a $19.99 box for a CHANCE at a Prime Player. 
But I need Prime XP. I get that from winning games that are way overpowered. I can't get 3k Prime from Diamond Level Walk Off because all the level 4 pitchers throw are curve balls.
I can't get the top level of Slugfest because by Level 5 I'm getting creamed. 
When I get a Prime leveled I can't evolve them because I have no EVO tokens. I don't have those because EVERY time I play a season, even with a level 300 pitcher, I've been CREAMED in the first or second round so I don't get those 10k rewards for Prime XP. 

Your only reasonable answer:
Abandon your friends in your Club for another one. 

That's garbage. 

You give me bonus boxes all of the time. I appreciate those, but the reality is a decent player is so rare in those that it's basically XP or some rare Prime XP for leveling a player EVENTUALLY. Of my Primes I'm basically STRANDED around Gold level 4-6 on every one of them. 

Oh and I can't do much in CVC because for some reason my maxed out Platinum players are not enough because, check this, I still have a garbage Catcher that i can't level because, you guessed it, no EVO tokens. 

So in summary, I still lurk around and play the game because I genuinely enjoy baseball as a game and the game is fun. 

But I feel like it's run by a really low rent no good company that doesn't even disguise the gouging that it does to its players. I get the impression that you guys paid too much for a license with MLB, you didn't recognize how poorly you built the leveling process, and your answer is to change the tournaments nonstop and force players to sink any gold they have into new players nonstop. 

I wish I could say you're better than this, but I don't think that you are. 

My request, after all of that spitting on your product, is simple:
1. Double XP rewards in every category. The season is over it's time for all of us to get a chance. 
2. Double the payout on each box as well. Increase the odds of a good player dropping by double. 
3. Give us a **** chance to get some EVO Tokens because the lack of them is killing the players that support you. 

In short, give me a reason that I feel is respectful to give you my money and stop letting me spend it on Vikings. I don't even like that game I just feel like they respect me. 

Thanks for reading. 


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    Friday night I did not get the 10k XP
    Sunday night I got Legend XP instead of the advertised 10k XP but I have no legends.
    Tuesday afternoon my first 2 tries on the new CVC format crashed my game and I lost those points

    Also I'm still owed 50 gold from paying 25g to get an extra round in CVC twice and the game hanging without letting me play. 
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    Still haven't paid here and I did continue with the Vikings game. 
    Just to point out, 4 out of the last 5 days we, your fans, weren't even worth bonus boxes and the ONLY bonuses have been for what you buy now. 
    The Reds were a bonus this week and legendary Chris Sabo wasn't even part of bonuses. 
    My last Club basically died out of apathy and now the same is happening at my new one.  

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