Yet again nex box players, why are the old ones not reused?

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looking for everyone’s feed back on bonus players, maybe I’m wrong but it seems players from a box only get a bonus for one day then it’s onto another new set of boxes for bonuses, everyday there is a new box(es), personally I’m feed up with this seemingly endless new boxes day after day and the box from days gone by never receive another bonus. 19 other guys on my team are also feed up and find it a cash grab technique, many on my team are beginning to refuse to even play because they spent money one day and the players never get another bonus and like I said onto another box. This being the first year I have ever played this game is this common? Is this what we can all expect in 2019? I will admit I have little desire to spend anything anymore because as said it seems it will be a one off for bonuses. Hope this game wasn’t designed with only heavy spenders in mind and that the developers would like to retain the other customers who only spend half heir pay check to stay revalent. Cool shades, cool hair, old timers, games changers, silver sluggers, the list is endless and aren’t reused... boo, thumbs down! 


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    Spend money to get new players lol 
  • HaraycarayHaraycaray Registered Users, Member 910 Posts
    It’s all they want 
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    I've never spent a penny and get multiple bonus players every weekend.  This is the game;  there are all levels of clubs with all levels of performance expectation.  Find one that fits.
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    How can a person really complain about a game that is free?
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    bigvivec said:
    How can a person really complain about a game that is free?
    It’s great that you’re such a fan, but I think the complaint is a valid one. Free or not, there are ways to construct the game so it is profitable but not a pure money grab. I’m not one of those people who wants to burn Glu down, but there are also ways the game could be improved.  Not having 7 different versions of the same player is one way. Reusing players we paid for in the past would help alleviate that. For example I have a Canadian flag Votto from forever ago. Would be really cool if he was suddenly a bonus guy one weekend, etc.  
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    I will say that during this past season certain teams were featured way too much (Yankees, Astros, Indians) while others rarely if ever featured as the team bonus (Royals, Marlins, Tampa Bay).  

    We are ALL such fans of this game;  we're here talking about it aren't we?!  309 post Mets, don't belittle.

    My point is that from a pragmatic point of view, the game is what it is.  I am not a fan of crying about what I don't like about the game I spend 20+ hours a week playing.  Would it be "nice" if we didn't need to spend gold to get bonus guys?  Sure, I guess.  For me it's like complaining why someone who tips the matrie 'd gets seated first.  This is how things work in our world.   No one said that any of us HAVE to get bonus guys every week, or spend real money even.  There are clubs and teams where this is the norm (look at people who still have Mr. Smile in their top players cover page;  they are not updating weekly).  Now to be at the front edge of the game you need to spend gold;  that's just the way it is and honestly I just get tired of hearing complaints about that.  

    Combat the money grab as you call it;  keep a deep bench so you can still put points up on the weekend whether or not you pull a box player.  Use the gold to streak rather than box hopes.  Settle for the scores that low cost/low risk strategy yields.  I have zero problems at all with rewarding someone who first spends for a box then is the lucky bugger to hit that 1-5 out of 100 chance to actually get the guy who makes a difference  in CvC and can put up massive bonus points for the club.

    If we are going to complain, complain about the hackers who make keeping up with the Joneses so expensive.  Met one recently;  he had every prime gold glove bonus player by 11pm Friday night.  Going toe to toe with clubs stacked with these loaders in CvC is less than fair.  This is where I have the issue, not with boxes or bonus structures.
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    Hahahahaha @bigvivec,
    i respect your opinion but seriously..... we don't live on the same earth 😉 
  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    It’s more interesting if you share your opinion rather than just scrapping mine (or whomever).
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    @bigvivec, I don’t believe anyone is crying to quote you, it’s just opinion on the areas that if improved would take this game over the top. Free game or not, the inability to compete without “tipping” to get ahead of standard methods IS the problem with this game (world as you mentioned). In this I think there are more people in this game (or world) who have frustration and “complain” about it also driven by not t reusing older box players mixed in now and again. 
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    @Brad....well noted and good points made.  Practically speaking though, it's just not going to happen.  In fact, next year about this time we will most likely be waxing about the good ol days a year ago when the game wasn't so deep in our pockets (and psyches)..........something else to think about is the addictive level of this game that incites spending in each of us, either in real cash money or in resources earned through hours spent on ads or offers, in spite of negative feelings about the game's construct and obvious goals from the side of the developers.   That's a plate of food for thought for you.
  • BradHedgerBradHedger Registered Users, Member 63 Posts
    @bigvivec, well fact it’s those plates along with the great game that it is that keeps us all coming back for more! Seconds anyone.. Gobble gobble!
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    I agree with some of what you said. Used to you be  buy a bunch of weekend bonus boxes for 500 gold maybe get bonus player or 2 or 3 and they would have events through out the week for them certain players then restart the next weekend. Now that baseball season is over they are trying to make as much money as they can before new season and it updates to 2019. But yea I I don’t like the everyday a different box. But because of them box’s my team got better way faster then when it was only weekend 
    Nick Loomis 
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    By making CVC events on all non WOH days now it offers an alternative to buying for a chance at bonus players for the other events.  Personally if i have a bonus player or get one in a free box great, if not I dont worry about it.  The event rewards arent great anyway.  Its all about WOH and CVC now and you dont have to buy players in those so thats what i focus on.
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    @Mattattack, I agree with focusing on CVC, the rewards have gotten better although so has the difficulty, if you score to high you end playing a club putting up ridiculous points, so then you can win, not to mention the show up attendance, seems to have dipped since real season need, maybe just my club?

    WOH is impossible, can’t get past rd5 lvl9.. so the utimate prize again is incredibly difficult to achieve, and certainly not optioned by lower lvl teams for sure.
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