EVO token give back???

MattEngels84MattEngels84 Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
was thinking other than just giving xp, pxp, lxp back when u trade in a player you had promoted to a higher division that maybe return some EVO also. Only makes sense to get maybe half of it back??? Would help out people like me who made the unwise choice to jump to platinum division and then to diamond when really I should’ve stayed gold. Didn’t realize what I was getting myself into with needing 100 EVO per player to level them up to diamond. Just a thought.


  • EndpointEndpoint Registered Users, Member 64 Posts
    I leveled up to Diamond and it was a catastrophic mistake. This system is rigged against leveling and that's just some of the dumbest programming I've ever seen

  • MattEngels84MattEngels84 Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    Yeah they should have either an easier way to obtain EVO or just go back to at least somewhat scaling players close to the rank of the persons team.
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