CvC Matchups becoming more AWFUL - CvC Rant

MDTerps42MDTerps42 Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
The CvC matchup system has been getting worse and worse to the point that it’s not even worthwhile.

This weekend’s CvC matchups have BY FAR been the absolute WORST.  

Im not sure how everyone else’s clubs matchups were set, but for my club, we were ranked #874 and were matched against a #2289 club, then #678 and matched against a #198 club, and just the most recent was as #778 vs a #90 club.  

In my opinion, this HUGE discrepancy in ranking matchups makes the CvC matches not even enjoyable AT ALL anymore.  You either smoke the club or get smoked, but NEVER anymore is there a close matchup. 

I hope that Glu Admins read this post and realize how godforsakenly awful the CvC matchup system is becoming.  I have spoken to friends in other clubs and they have said the exact same thing.  No one even wants to play CvC matches unless Glu can find a way to make the matchups EVEN, based on the CURRENT RANKINGS going into the Match.  Otherwise, I think the CvC matches will go down the drain as a huge FAIL, as no one is even excited about them anymore. 

Glu, you need to fix the algorithm that sets the CvC matchups to make the club rankings even, so we can enjoy CLOSE battles, rather than one-sided matches which no one has any more interest in playing.  

The CvC matchups have slowly gotten worse over the past few months, and I think this weekend you absolutely hit ROCK BOTTOM Glu...
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  • BradHedgerBradHedger Registered Users, Member 63 Posts
    the blowouts are horriblely unfair and do take away from ppls desire to contribute on my club as well, so do weak rewards, rounds of 10 points and ringers. Love cvc and with some tweaks it would be a close second to woh. 

    Wouldnt it it be a great addition for cvc to also have a rewards for second and third place to incourage further internal team competition! Kind of like gold, silver, bronze lvl rewards. 
  • Wicked0WildcatsWicked0Wildcats Registered Users, Member 955 Posts
    I know this isn't going to be a popular opinion but I prefer the lopsided matchups win or lose.  I'd like to know ahead of time if a round is worth investing in.  Nothing is worse than blowing 800 gold for boosts and continues only to walk away empty handed.

    It's in GLU's interest to keep matches as even as possible, not ours.  Closer matchups mean more gold and cash spent for the same rewards.
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