Freese is a Pirate ???

MadswagooMadswagoo Registered Users, Member 193 Posts


  • duckk123duckk123 Registered Users, Member 296 Posts
    If I'm not mistaken he started the season as a pirate, that is probably why. My  machado is an oriole
  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    His prime 435 WS version was a pirate too in spite of the dodger uni the photo attached sported.  Tough one for pennants.....not too may have maxed out dodgers pennants I think.  
  • MadswagooMadswagoo Registered Users, Member 193 Posts
    This is what kills me about Glu. What box did you purchase this player from. Are you kidding .. the weekend Dodger Box for the event.

  • EamusCatuliEamusCatuli Registered Users, Member 65 Posts
    That’s funny cause Brantley spent the whole year with Cleveland but he’s still updated and listed as an Astro. Just ignore the dozen or so Indian logos in his picture 
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