Not getting your progrbess reward

Stanley5555Stanley5555 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
So I spent 6000 in gold and it wasn't accounted for in rewards. For the weekend this happened before and was fixed however now Mark, with tap sports mlb says it was a one time courtecy. How can it be a courtesy when it's owed to the customer.
Mark says I spent the gold before the event. Can someone tell me how I can buy bonus player boxes that are for the event before the event. I'm VIP
And spend a lot of money user name Stanley5555. See for yourself and this is wrong. And I want it fixed.


  • LonzoBallinLonzoBallin Registered Users, Member 632 Posts
    Fan rewards start 1 hour after the event begins.  If you purchased boxes within the first hour, those purchases will not count towards fan rewards.
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