Some strange In-Game Glitches to report, first asking Community

ORBBIRDSORBBIRDS Registered Users, Member 112 Posts
Can you confirm any or all of the following glitches, so I can report to GLU as more than just an isolated incident.... Of course, some or all of these may be in the works, but i have many, many screen shots to share, in hopes that it will assist their IT/Development team....

1. Long, 6-8 second black/blank screen between screen clicks on occasion, ESPECIALLY after boost videos, changing to another tab, purchases, etc..  This has cropped up VERY recently, perhaps in the last week or so, with increased regularity, almost to a point where I "expect it".

2. CVC included an unusually large number of "FROZEN" games, where the ball was literally in the pitcher's hand, and the game simply froze.

3. When a pitcher throws heat, the ball is "jerking" out of his hand, rendering me only the option of "guessing" to swing at a fastball.  Seems like curve balls and off-speed stuff are MUCH LESS impacted by this one...I have many videos, and I even paid my local carrier $45 to investigate my phone, cache, items running in the background, etc... I have nearly 18 GB of free space, plenty of long and short-term memory on the phone, and other games demanding similar resources do not have this glitchy, jerky effect.  For WOH and CVC, when the game freezes, you do NOT get to return where you left off; instead it takes and counts it as a ZERO point game, and this particularly impacts my games if I paid 100 Gold for instance to BOOST multipliers!

4. ****  During CVC and WOH, the "INFIELD SHIFT LEFT" for example stays up for the ENTIRE particular game.  It never goes away, despite minimizing the screen, etc..  On occasion, EVEN the batter's Bio box will stay up, and I cannot see the plate!

5. Finally, and this is perhaps the least common, but I am essentially almost fully-capped at Silver 10 for my entire roster, minus my 3 legends I believe at Silver 7.   My team is at or around 40,0000.  Sometimes, when I play H2H games, the meter that tells me if my team is overall "better or worse" than my opponent will depict MY TEAM is something like 22,000.....What?  I can understand a small dip if I use my #5 starter (No slouch, Charlie Morton 245, capped at silver 10), but I cannot imagine that using Morton would drop my team by 18,000 points.  T
.....This #5 is most intriguing to me, because for the first time in probably 14 months, I had a HECK of a time with regular, PRIME games...I mean, I am the unluckiest guy on the planet with bonus boxes, so I typically rely on my 2 Stud Aces, use a LOT of ice packs, and rack up 3 or 4 big 30-game win streaks to replace the bonus points that my club-teammates get with a few swings from their big-bopper bonus guys.

Anyway, I would appreciate the feedback, and I kindly ask if you can help me determine if any or all of these are common errors.
*****I also ask if you can kindly keep the conversation to these 5 scenarios, and then after I compile data on these specific instances, then we can provide GLU support with follow-up issues.

Let's make this game better by providing GLU  with some solid clean data, to help make our beloved game better!

Happy Tapping!


  • BizertoBizerto Registered Users, Member 105 Posts
    i have the same issue with #5.. I’m at 42,000 team strength, but if I put a 5% boost watching a video my team strength goes to like 26k.. it’s ridiculous. So I’ve been playing but I can’t use boosts or my team dips sooo much.. I wrote these clowns but they just high in the weed.. now I have to play without using boosts ever which kinda sucks. 
  • LETMEPLAY16LETMEPLAY16 Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    I have the freezing/blank screen issue - not limited to videos, I get up to a full minute delay when:
    a: I watch a video
    b: A special purchase promo pops up (whether I click on it or not)
    c: I switch apps (email, message, twitter, anything)
    d: I exit the "Customer Care" messaging screen

    It's absolutely crippling the game for me - for info, running on Android 9 (Pixel 2XL with 4gb RAM (recommended is 2gb) and over 34gb free space (recommended is 5gb+)

    Used to be under 10 seconds, and annoying but bearable. Now it's 30+ seconds each time.
    The rest of the game appears to run well - after the huge delay on the initial start up "Tap Sports Baseball 2019" screen (before the Mookie loading screen appears)
  • IndianaSportsFanIndianaSportsFan Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I am having the same lag issue with my Pixel 2XL. Some bonus or league games take over a minute to play. I just opened TSB18, and it is fine. I am oy having an issue with TSB19. And I get black screens for well over a minute. 
  • SupremewolfpackSupremewolfpack Registered Users, Member 74 Posts
    I have experienced a different type of glitch. I bought the Rising Stars bundle (18 boxes for $20). I opened 9 boxes and the remaining boxes and one of the players I got (3 star pitcher, yea) all disappeared. Contacted Glu. Doubt if anything comes of it though
  • RedwingerRedwinger Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    Using a droid and many issues.  Takes 4 minutes to load the app.  After video black screen for a minute.  Most the time cant get out of lvl 1 of woh with my keepers and legend maxed as much as can.  Very annoying as I cycled multiple times a week and now cant get out of lvl 1.  I did sent a message to them.  Answer was.  We are aware of the problems and our team is working on it for the next update.  Wont give an idea when that is tho
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