GLU jails legit teams for no reason and CS just saying we don't care about it won't even check F off

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Woke up this morning to find 2 teams of mine jailed Im 💯 legit glu just loves to rip people off of there money after they spent it maybe it time to quit Tap


  • bryzzocubs44bryzzocubs44 Registered Users, Member 27 Posts
    I’ve never seen anyone jailed.. how do you know?
  • whiffcitywhiffcity Registered Users, Member 16 Posts
    @oyvader..... don’t drop the soap...@cloverdale hard in the yard 
  • CLOVERDALECLOVERDALE Registered Users, Member 36 Posts
    @whiffcity ..,,, hard in the yard 👍🏾
  • oyvaderoyvader Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    I’ve never seen anyone jailed.. how do you know?
    When your games chat disappears at the bottom of the main Screen and you can't turn In Loyalty
  • oyvaderoyvader Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    And again 2 new teams down GLU auto banning software must be extremely sensitive to ban a 3 day old team that's did nothing wrong...and non of them at CS actually do your job and look In to why a brand new team that has not cheated and only played the game as Intended was restricted but I know GLU is not going to bc Customer service are lazy ty I will find another game to play since you guys auto banned teams and 2 devices trams oyvader and 314ttpi both at the same time got jailed this morning... GLU must be anti semetic against players from Israel!!!!!!
  • TheRedBeardTheRedBeard Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    I don't know about glu specifically, but I work in IT Security, and they may be tracing your device ID, IP address of your phone or wifi at home, or your Mac address.  Then even if you create a new team it will just pop up on their software that a team was created on a blacklisted device, then they jail it, legit team or not. 
  • XWizardxXWizardx Registered Users, Member 44 Posts
    Pretty sure its Device ID as they issue warnings for resetting Ad Identifiers at least for Apple devices.  
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