Didn't receive reward for Walk Off Challenge

PhilsSmashandBashPhilsSmashandBash Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Completed all 10 levels at one difficulty, 9 levels at another.  No rewards given at event completion?  Anyone else have the same issue?  Should have two new 90+ players, a slew of draft picks, etc.


  • bayoubengalbayoubengal Registered Users, Member 981 Posts
    In WOH there are 4 different difficulties (warm-up, classic, allstar, hall of fame).  The warm up has 4 tier level with rewards with a possibility of getting the player as a reward when completing level 4. The other three have 5 tiered level rewards requiring you to complete all 5 levels to receive the player reward.

    As per your description of what you have completed, you did not meet player reward requirements. I hope this helps.
    First, congrats on not being the 1st person to ask this question.
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