No Quests or Calls

After I got done with the break of Darius I did the quest for nicki Minaj at the prim awards or whatever and have not seen a quest since than. Just wondering if there is a time span I have to wait or whatever else I might have to do to get the quests going again. Any help is appreciated thank you!


  • Brown SugarBrown Sugar New Member 24 PostsRegistered Users
    I started over a week ago and i got to level 11 and it said quest complete even though theres a yellow mark on the building..i think its a glitch or the game needs to be not starting over ..i did it 4 times in the past
  • DerphuehueDerphuehue New Member 2 PostsRegistered Users
    I had to restart 2 times now but it's on the donut quest
  • AhmasiAhmasi New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    I haven't gotten any calls after Kings Immortals broke up. Is that normal
  • PatiencePatience New Member 3 PostsRegistered Users
    Same I did a mission at the magazine and the yellow sign is still up. Smh
  • Chocolate thunderChocolate thunder New Member 1 PostsRegistered Users
    Im not receiving any of the royalty checks im stuck at lvl 13 with no objectives also im not receiving my crown from completing the quest for them plz help
  • MinjiMinji Experienced Member 283 PostsRegistered Users
    Give up guys. Delete this piece of **** because Glu has once again abandoned a game.
  • DanizzleDanizzle 688 PostsRegistered Users
    Why @Minji I'm so sad! This game was my 2nd favorite GLU game after KKH
  • LadyOnyxQueenzLadyOnyxQueenz 1 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Can't play
    My Level 15 I'm stuck on 14 it's not no phone calls no quest no nothing no nothing I made it to Atlanta no nothing
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