wont pass 46% on loading page for android

So I haven't able to play the game for a month update comes out and the loading page wont pass 46% it happening to a lot of android players check instagram and Google:confused: reviews this update is a complete disappointment it seems to me that android players aren't that relevant to this game see as its mostly android players players with most of the issue perhaps apple player as well so is this issue going to be fix or do I have to uninstall this game again


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    Hey, dj7991! Here is what worked for me and since then I've been able to play again. If it doesn't work you can also try this method that was suggested from the in game support.
    Hey, Amorot! I'm not sure if the internet company from your country has this but the router that I was provided with has two wifi connections one of them is a normal one and the other is 5G. I normally had my device connected to the normal one... forgetting that I have the option to the 5G.

    I stumbled upon this thread from the KKH forums a few days ago and the OP's description of her problem sounded a lot like the one that I was dealing with here in NMTE. (game won't load past 40%) I found this reply from a Glu moderator where she mentioned something about poor internet connection.

    That's when I checked around my devices connection settings and stumbled upon my 5G wifi connection and connected to that and loaded my game. Just like that it loads past the 40% and I was able to access and play my game again.
    Amorot wrote: »
    I got this answer from customer care

    "Thank you for contacting Glu Mobile Customer Care. I understand you are having issues related to crash in Nicki Minaj and I apologize for the trouble caused to you. I request you to please complete the below troubleshooting steps in order to resolve the issue:

    Using a file Manager, you can delete the game's resource files. (If you don’t have a File Manager you can find plenty of free ones to download from Google Play.)

    Please delete 2 folders described below. T he next time you launch the game, the data will be automatically downloaded (please be patient if you are on a slow connection). This does not affect your main game programs files or your saved progress.The 2 folders are:



    If you have an external SD card installed on the device, the folder will most likely be called:

    Storage/ extSdCard/Android/data/com.glu.deerhunt2 (some devices may call it by a slightly different name than extSdCard)

    Now you should be able to launch the game (while you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection!) to download resource files and start playing Deer Hunter Classic."
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    A girl from Instagram told me she restarted her phone and the game begun to work perfectly
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    Yea these dont work I live in Jamaica where the only thing offered is 4g u lucky if u get LTE coverage n not everyone in the world has acess to WiFi which u gotta pay extra for y didnt the creators for the game ever considered to make the game 3g playable so yea I think in few month or not I will give it a go again
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