Update was a bust for me

I updated my game, I'm Android. And it didn't fix the underground beatz issue I've been having for a couple months now like I hoped it would. I was also hoping that I would finally get the fans that I should have been getting in past quest but never received.

Also am I the only who doesn't seem to be gaining level experience for level 15? I did a new Mission and my level bar didn't change.
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    NickiminajNickiminaj Registered Users 15 Posts
    Yeah, same here. I got my hopes way too up. I was expecting bugs and glitches to be fixed, but now there's different problems for everyone. No new clothes, people still are not getting any quests, no new ATL location. Some people are able to go to ATL and but a new home and others it's not showing up at all.
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    BlaqkAudioBlaqkAudio Registered Users 12 Posts
    Same here with Android. My previously recorded songs are still missing. I had a minor side quest at FLK that I've completed and actually got fans for it the second I left the building. But "Project complete" is still in my list. I've managed to do the awards with Nicki, then got called to record the comeback song with her. I don't have it in my objectives list and I've been stuck in Nicki's studio "recording" for a couple of hours now, though I think I should've finished it by now. It appears they've got their order of work backwards. Fixing bugs should always be the priority, I don't mind waiting for new content as long as my game is running smoothly!

    Edit: so I magically finished the recording session with Nicki without seeing a time limit or the stars I've filled in. But the new song is still the only song in my BeatBook.
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