Over the course of the last five years, Racing Rivals has grown into one of the most hardcore racing games in the world. This loyal community has spent countless hours competing in millions of races in “winner take all” fashion – all in the name of Turf Wars and pink slips.

However, all good things must come to an end… After spending time evaluating Rivals and its future – we’ve decided that it’s time to move on. Simply put, the revenue generated from Racing Rivals unfortunately no longer covers the cost of operations. This was not an easy decision to make.

On March 31st, 2019 – Rivals will be racing off into the sunset, and will be permanently shut down. Current players have until this date to utilize any accumulated virtual currency. We’ll be offering some massive reductions in the cost of crates, installs and repairs in addition to a reduction on timers as you race your way into the history books. Effective immediately, no new in-app purchases will be permitted.

In closing, a resounding and sincere THANK YOU to our extremely driven fans for your loyalty and dedication over the years – we hope you’ve enjoyed playing Racing Rivals as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

ask and i shall give lol



  • phoojywjphoojywj Registered Users 109 Posts
    Since everyone is posting their car setups and i've gotten a few requests for the CTR, i'll post what i got. I bought the car set up already. I manage a 10.1-10.3 without boost, did however hit a 10.0xx once again no boost. Obviously you would need a good rt and launch. Shifting I don't remember what it was at, try perfect and late and see what works for you.

    Cat Converter....Pro 2
    Pipe & Muffler...Pro 2

    Intake System
    Intake...Pro 3
    Intake Manifold...Pro 2
    Throttle Body...Pro Pro 3

    Bottle...Pro 1
    Jet & Core...Pro

    Last one

    Blow off Valve...Pro 1
    Intercooler...Pro 3
    Down Pipe...Pro 3
    Piping...Pro 3
    Up Pipe...Pro Pro 3
    Turbo...Pro 3

    Get whatever you like, but make sure it replaces the stock parts to reduce weight

    Suspension...Stage 2

    Clutch... Pro 3
    Diff...Pro 3
    Flywheel...Pro 2

    Cam Gear...Stage 2
    Camshaft...Pro 2
    Rods...Pro 2
    Crankshaft...Pro 2
    Displacement...Pro 3
    Engine Head...Pro 1
    Fuel System...Pro 2
    Pistons...Pro 3
    Valves & Valve Springs...Pro 3
  • DanEchelonDanEchelon Registered Users 306 Posts

    Awesome thread.

    Is it possible to share the tuning for Honda S2000 and Mazda RX-7 GT Spec?

    Many Thanks in advance,

  • AndriyanJAndriyanJ Registered Users 457 Posts
    would you mind posting a honda integra tune if you have the time. Would be much appreciated, cheers!
  • aznryda1aznryda1 Registered Users 2,088 Posts
    alright since its for turf
    integra type r
    exh pro 222
    intake 323
    nos 15lb pro
    turbo pro 133333
    drivetrain stock pro 3121
    engine stage2 pro 22231333

    bmw m3

    exh pro 222
    intake 323
    nos 10lb pro
    turbo pro 133333
    drivetrain stock pro 3321
    engine stage2 pro 22231233

  • markrich518markrich518 Registered Users 7 Posts
    got the stella tune?
  • Erick CariasErick Carias Registered Users 21 Posts
    Integral type R tune?
  • phyah77phyah77 Registered Users, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 277 Posts
    aznryda1 wrote: »
    okay since everyone is needing tunes ill go ahead and give out some of my tunes. please be aware that im only giving tune i dont have the time right now to share driving skills. im doing this to help new members and older members. this are my tunes and if someone has something better feel free to share. these are mostly max tune so pink at your own risk and make sure u know what not to pink against

    sti coupe

    EXH PRO 222
    INTAKE PRO 323
    NOS 15LB PRO
    ENGINE PRO 222231333

    if you need more tunes just post it on here and ill see if i have it. please dont pm me for tunes. i get enough pm thru out the day. and post as much as i can possible

    How fast does this tune go?
  • CrispyDuckCrispyDuck Registered Users 165 Posts
    Anyone have a NSX tune to share? Thanks

    Edit: I need R33 tune aswell if anyone have it, Thanks
  • JapinoyJapinoy Registered Users 24 Posts
    Can I have a tune for integra type R, with time boost an without thx.
  • JapinoyJapinoy Registered Users 24 Posts
    Yeah but doesn't give the time with boost an without
  • Roel2377Roel2377 Registered Users 154 Posts
    Can you give a zr1 tune
  • AKUMANO ZAKUMANO Z Registered Users 36 Posts
    frs rspec tune please
  • bradley_ong8bradley_ong8 Registered Users 548 Posts
    can i have a tune for acura nsx? thnks in advance
  • Valak NaruValak Naru Registered Users 53 Posts
    RWB Ramintra 993 tune?
  • NewJohnnyNewJohnny Registered Users 66 Posts
    all these setup are maxed? can i have some setup for specific lobby?:S
  • Luis0830Luis0830 Registered Users 1,323 Posts
    Can you please post a tune for a 300ZX ? Thank you in advance .
  • joedawnnjoedawnn Registered Users 1,216 Posts
    ZR1 tune please?
    Also, Scirocco, and subie coupe please.
    Cant remember if you did subie coupe.
  • aceplayraceplayr Registered Users 3 Posts
    I am in dire need of good 300zx tune please
  • Minismok3Minismok3 Registered Users 85 Posts
    R34 tune to lobby??
  • GreddyK20LogicGreddyK20Logic Registered Users 5 Posts
    May I ask for a Evo X tune ? that runs under 10 ? im stuck there and need help.. lol
  • kaine420kaine420 Registered Users 5 Posts
    Does anyone have a nissan gt-r tune and a NSX tune thanks in advance. i won the gt-r with the viper tune posted on the other page thanks for the awesome tune. almost break 7s with the viper tune with boost
  • aceplayraceplayr Registered Users 3 Posts
    Some have said it is possible to get a 9.18 time w/out boost on the 300zx. I hate to be the doubting Thomas but I don't think it's possible. If so... I would have found it by now. If anyone disagrees please PM me the tune and turn me into a believer.
  • akmoore11akmoore11 Registered Users 64 Posts
    Looking for a nsx tune anyone have?!?
  • aznryda1aznryda1 Registered Users 2,088 Posts
    sorry guys ive been busy ill post up more tunes later tonight
  • dimi937dimi937 Registered Users 590 Posts
    I have an 8.910 tune for the 300ZX that I will share, but I cant figure out how to make a new line on my phone :/ stupid forum code ignored returns. Help? Also, I would love to see the best tune for the ZR1@ 1665 and max. Please.
  • slick pirate 244slick pirate 244 Registered Users 232 Posts
    What's the best tune to get my viper to run under 8.019 I need it to run in the 7's?
  • patmeisterpatmeister Registered Users 969 Posts
    By chance you have r33,r34,r35 tunes?
  • aceplayraceplayr Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hey I actually found a great tune for the 300zx. Pm me if your interested!
  • BigshiftBigshift Registered Users 40 Posts
    Stella n nizmo tune plz
  • JmakiaJmakia Registered Users 48 Posts
    Jetta GLI anybody?
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