Over the course of the last five years, Racing Rivals has grown into one of the most hardcore racing games in the world. This loyal community has spent countless hours competing in millions of races in “winner take all” fashion – all in the name of Turf Wars and pink slips.

However, all good things must come to an end… After spending time evaluating Rivals and its future – we’ve decided that it’s time to move on. Simply put, the revenue generated from Racing Rivals unfortunately no longer covers the cost of operations. This was not an easy decision to make.

On March 31st, 2019 – Rivals will be racing off into the sunset, and will be permanently shut down. Current players have until this date to utilize any accumulated virtual currency. We’ll be offering some massive reductions in the cost of crates, installs and repairs in addition to a reduction on timers as you race your way into the history books. Effective immediately, no new in-app purchases will be permitted.

In closing, a resounding and sincere THANK YOU to our extremely driven fans for your loyalty and dedication over the years – we hope you’ve enjoyed playing Racing Rivals as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

Update 3.1 Bug Fixes and Status

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New Update is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Investigating - Means that the issue has been reported and is still being looked into
Fix Pending Testing - Means a fix has been made and is currently in testing
Fixed in Future/Next Update - Means the fix is awaiting implementation which could mean in our next update or via hotfix
Need more info - Means we aren't able to recreate the issue and we need more examples

  • Teams
    • Viewing Teams in "Find a Team" sometimes prompts "Team Doesn't Exist"
    • Fixed
  • FB Posts
    • Old Icon Displayed
    • Fixed
  • Friends issues
    • Deleting friends may cause a -12 or -11 error
    • Friends list may show as "New Player" Level 0
    • Friends coming online may show "Friend Online is Online"
    • We no longer need further info on this issue
    • Fixed
  • Racer Showdown
    • Prize car says "Teams" instead of "Players"
    • Fixed
  • Driver’s Challenge Results screen shows the player gaining cash for shift bonuses but cash does not go up
    • The issue is that you shouldn't get cash for those races. It's a display issue.
    • We no longer need further info on this issue
    • Fixed
  • Purchasing Cars
    • Unable to purchase cars listed for RRC, instead takes gems (says not enough money)
    • Fixed
  • NISMOs
    • Using a NISMO in a race results in a tie
    • We no longer need further info on this issue (unless you experience this using another car)
    • Has to do with a combination of specific wheels and cars
    • Fixed
  • Error message when claiming Blueprint cars
    • Fixed
  • Missing Wheels and boosts
    • Players that entered the game before officially live may run into a plethora of issues
      • Custom Wheels Removed
      • Boosts Removed
      • Inventory Items Removed
      • We are current working on a resolution for this as one of our top priorities
      • We no longer need further info on this issue
      • Compensation Package Given to players affected - Contact Customer Service if you feel you should have been compensated
  • Levels being reset
    • Fixed
  • Previously purchased parts are not installing
    • Some players are getting the message "Not enough money" when trying to install previously purchased parts
    • Fixed

Known Issues (Still in the process of being investigated/testing)
  • Repairs not finishing automatically
    • Players have to tap "Finish" for free to complete repairs.
    • Investigating
  • Hoods missing
    • Some car hoods are graphically missing
    • Investigating
  • Unable to send in Tickets
    • Players getting an error when attempting to send in tickets in-game
    • Investigating
  • Keyboard Pop Up by Default
    • When tapping Chat, the keyboard pops up automatically
    • Investigating
  • Increased reports of (-12) errors when racing
    • Investigating
  • Players reporting that their Rating and power keeps fluctuating
    • Investigating
  • Getting a “package file is invalid” error when trying to update the game
    • This is a Google Issue
    • Go your device's Settings menu.
    • Go to Applications (may also be labeled Application Manager).
    • Tab over to All Applications.
    • Open the Google Play Store app.
    • Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.
    • Relaunch Google Play and install or update the our app again.
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