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On March 31st, 2019 – Rivals will be racing off into the sunset, and will be permanently shut down. Current players have until this date to utilize any accumulated virtual currency. We’ll be offering some massive reductions in the cost of crates, installs and repairs in addition to a reduction on timers as you race your way into the history books. Effective immediately, no new in-app purchases will be permitted.

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Anyone planning to buy a BMW M6 to use as a 1630 lobby grinder, Caveat emptor

crazyjrcrazyjr Registered Users 547 Posts
Let the buyer beware. I bought a BMW M6, with the intention of leaving it stock and maybe adding tires, for 30 lobby grinding while other cars repaired. It will not race in the 30 lobby, as rated stock. It gets thrown into the 35 lobby, stone dead stock. To me, this is false advertising and misleading. So i'm posting this, so others don't make the same mistake. If you got higher lobby plans, great, enjoy, but if you are planning to use as a stocker (11.97 stock 1630 rating) then you will be misled.

I'm pretty mad, about not being able to use as rated, But whatever, just warning the next person.


  • DozerboyDozerboy Registered Users 213 Posts
    Get the m3 fastest Ive seen in low lobbies faster then z28
  • crazyjrcrazyjr Registered Users 547 Posts
    I don't waste gems on cars, I do not spend real money on pixels. The M6 is advertised as a 1630 car, so i bought with intentions of a 0 stress 30 lobby grinder. But even with stock tires, which s^ck out loud, it gets bumped into the 35 lobby. BTW can the M3 do 11.970's factory stock? No, the M6 can. so was hoping on a low (30) lobby grinder with it. The A class turf showed me, it was not coded right. A 1630 car in the showroom, should be able to run in the 1630 turf lobby.

    Between this, the security issues of late and changing cars to different classes (essentially nerfing) without notice, I refuse to invest in this, as entertainmant. I play but it will be free, Till CIE/GLU gets their sh^t together
  • crazyjrcrazyjr Registered Users 547 Posts
    Brken123 wrote: »
    Is it rated 1630 low or high? If it's 1630.4 or lower, you'd be in the 1625-1630 turf lobby. 1630.5 or higher and it would put you in the 1630 to 1635 lobby, which is more than likely the case. Unfortunately, with car ratings, you can't see the decimal after the number, so you never truly know what your car is rated until, like you experienced, you join a lobby and see where it puts you.
    Thank you, but i know how it works. Not being condescending. I'm a level 250 player, been here for nearly 5 months. I understand that at 1630.5, it's technically rated a 1631. My point was, If it's rated at 1630 in the showroom, it should then be ready for the 30 lobby. If not make it a 31. Many new players, looking for a fast build quick car for RR cash, Will be disappointed when they find that the game screwed them, for bait and switch type situation. This is bait and switch, in a sense, as it's advertised as a 1630 but technically a 31.

    Just letting people know before making the same mistake as i did
  • azrullazrull Registered Users 29 Posts
    Aside from 1630 lobby issue, which one is faster in 1663 lobby..M3 or M6?
  • OhSoLifeOhSoLife Registered Users 23 Posts
    I have a 1665 M6 - today when I played on my laptop, which I'm forced to use now since the update does not allow me to play on phone no more without crashing, blah .. But my M6 does well in the lobbies
  • crazyjrcrazyjr Registered Users 547 Posts
    My honest opinion, the M3 has more potential. it has better inherent traction and lighter, which helps in higher lobby's. I will say, as having a crate one setup for the 40 lobby, that the M3 is the GNX of the A class. That said at 445 gems in the showroom, it's a bit too rich for me to buy an army of them. The M6 however is 135,000 RR cash and not that bad, as far as running in lobby's. I have one as a 45 car and it's not a huge disappointment. It is not the M3 for ET, but it holds it's own. the stocker is now a 35, and possibly higher for today's stage. since it can't run the 30 lobby. A similar alternative is the BMW M3 2006 version (B class) car. I have one of those setup for the 40 lobby. At 85,000 RR cash and being a B class, it'd be faster to setup and a better point generator (lower class=higher points) than the M6
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