Over the course of the last five years, Racing Rivals has grown into one of the most hardcore racing games in the world. This loyal community has spent countless hours competing in millions of races in “winner take all” fashion – all in the name of Turf Wars and pink slips.

However, all good things must come to an end… After spending time evaluating Rivals and its future – we’ve decided that it’s time to move on. Simply put, the revenue generated from Racing Rivals unfortunately no longer covers the cost of operations. This was not an easy decision to make.

On March 31st, 2019 – Rivals will be racing off into the sunset, and will be permanently shut down. Current players have until this date to utilize any accumulated virtual currency. We’ll be offering some massive reductions in the cost of crates, installs and repairs in addition to a reduction on timers as you race your way into the history books. Effective immediately, no new in-app purchases will be permitted.

In closing, a resounding and sincere THANK YOU to our extremely driven fans for your loyalty and dedication over the years – we hope you’ve enjoyed playing Racing Rivals as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

What happened to rr

getterdonegetterdone Registered Users 158 Posts
I can understand a game having to stay competitive,but to make it impossible to play on older hardware where has that taken it. I can garantee that atleast one third of the players are from third world countries that do not have access to new technology. Which im sure by now have quit. Ive never been a gamer until i found rr, and have made alot of good friends. What i think it boils down to is money,money,money. With no players at least the ones who have played as long as i have will no longer spend a dime on a game that cant be played on any device but ones the cost 700 bucks or a two year binding aggreement to keep up with the ones coming out. I truelly love the game but unless something happens i will be like many others who cut there loss and move on.


  • getterdonegetterdone Registered Users 158 Posts
    Wheres all the profit now,in paying glu employees overtime to fix a game that wasnt broke. I truelly and honestly hope they go back to the 5.0 and slowly but surely add small changes ones that dont take months to fix at the cost of the players. Please just put it back the way it was where u can see the types of cars u have in the garage,and and take pride in the veicle u have just raced monthes to save for,and want to spend money to have the most kick azz garage it will still look the same on older or newer devices and be fun to play again. Thanks for listening to my rants and raves have a great day.
  • dulwhitedulwhite Registered Users 118 Posts
    The new version still doesn't run at 60 frames/second like in 5.x and prior. But you get to enjoy lag and half of a launch button. Yay
  • dulwhitedulwhite Registered Users 118 Posts
    They've kept the terrible customer service all this time though...I guess some things don't change. [RR] Ryyst says it's to enhance our experience...but i think whenever Ryyst says that word...experience, i think you should replace it with the word... hmm.. "issue."
  • getterdonegetterdone Registered Users 158 Posts
    Lmao and now slower times
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