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Nismo GT3 ran 6.650 with .084 reaction time

WSER100WSER100 Unregistered / Not Logged In, Registered Users 1,328 Posts
edited January 2017 in iOS Bug Reports
room : F342 (i believe)
my car : Koenigsegg Agera RS
my car speed rating : 1685
opponent Car : Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 1682
opponent user name : II BOY II
opponent ET : 6.650 with a 0.084 reaction time.
Date/Time : 1/1/2017 2:34 AM
my username : Drivetrain upgrade


Looks like a dummy account level 17.
Beware extra careful of new accounts right now.


  • MONSTERMANMONSTERMAN Registered Users 276 Posts
    Guess what, support will tell you that you ran time slower than that nismo gtr gt3 even if he did without speed hack so you can forget about your car you lost but yeah, these noobs can't win any other way so they cheat and then send all the cars they take to their original accounts i believe, i wish we could know the original accounts so we could report them too so they could be banned
  • tequileros97tequileros97 Registered Users 911 Posts
    @MONSTERMAN that sucks, no person should ever have to lose their car to a hacker, even if they ran a bad time
  • MONSTERMANMONSTERMAN Registered Users 276 Posts
    @tequileros97 It does suck indeed, but i have seen a post here that player did send ticket to in game support and got message saying that they see the other player run faster than he should but since the player who lost run time slower than the other players car with no speed hack they made it look like he would have lost it anyway so no car back to him, which means that if you not running the best time with the car and lose to hacker you are a loser and live with it...

    Great right...
  • tequileros97tequileros97 Registered Users 911 Posts
    That's stupid because they can always spin out, foul, or mess up a shift or more
  • Roush SportRoush Sport Registered Users, Moderators 1,485 Posts

    That's stupid because they can always spin out, foul, or mess up a shift or more

    Which would mean they would lose even if the other person wasn't using some sort of a cheat. That's all Glu is saying.
  • tequileros97tequileros97 Registered Users 911 Posts
    I don't really agree with them, anything can happen in a race. Anything can happen, they shouldn't just assume that the guy would do an okay run at least and win the car. I'm just trying to say that if he didn't have a cheat enabled, there's still the chance of him messing up badly or fouling.
  • [RR] Sparkle[RR] Sparkle Moderators 1,805 Posts
    To have a race examined you always need to contact Support. When support reviews a race they use the server's race record and see if there were any flags on the race. You may not always agree with their decisions and you can ask them to reconsider but that is how races are reviewed.
  • HOTSLAMMED2061HOTSLAMMED2061 Registered Users 22 Posts
    Hahahah they never see any flags when the cheaters are using GG.
  • MarcusMarcus Registered Users 4 Posts
    I lost my Honda Evasive to an asshole named "IMonagain spelled with an O and another account with a zero. He took it with a Nismo. I watched this account and it took over 50 cars in one hour. Support did nothing and would not restore my car. Support is **** worthless!!!

    P.s. I ran a solid run with perfect shifts. As long as you don't foul or spin, Nismo can't beat Evasive. 100% cheater. I had way too much proof!!!
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