6.5.0 - Patch Notes

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  • Removed the old chat system. Let’s face it, it wasn’t good for chatting.
    • A “working” in-game chat function is a must, so we built an entirely new one with useful features.
    • Friend requests are queued and aren’t added to your friends list until you accept them.
    • You can add and remove friends without viewing their garage.
    • Send teammates friend requests directly from the team page.
    • You can message players that are offline, and they’ll get the message when they log in.
    • Chat history is saved between your team and friends. Each conversation will keep the last 50 messages.
    • Whenever you get a new friend request or message, you’ll get an indicator that something new has been added to one of your conversations.
  • Tweaked matte and satin paints to look better on the track. Even matte black looks awesome during a race.
  • Adjusted headlight and underglow colors to match. For example, orange underglow and orange headlights are actually orange now. New colors soon to make their way to Rivals!
  • Lobby’s rating now shows in the lobby.
  • Daily requests challenges and rewards change based on player level. Play more, get better rewards!
  • Lights no longer shine through the car.
  • Chat will not function between 6.5 and 6.4.
  • Players on 6.5 will not be able to add friends that are still on 6.4.
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