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Why you should NOT just go off of someone else's tune! Don't be lazy; build your own!

ShinBeatsShinBeats Registered Users 908 Posts
It's cool that a few mods have started giving out free tunes for certain cars. No shade against the mods, but what makes you, the player, so trustworthy of their tunes? How do you know their tune is the best tune, if you didn't do the math yourself? Do you really feel comfortable betting your car or betting 1-5mil on someone else's tune, not knowing if there is a better or worse tune out there?

In the race world, the only one you can trust is yourself, and the only one you can hold accountable for your loss is yourself. Same kinda goes for racing rivals; if you lose a bet because someone out there tuned their own car (using my tips, even,) better than the cookie cutter tune you just pulled off of a forum, how would you feel? You can't know if a tune is a good tune unless you go through the process yourself and build your car yourself. This is the ONLY way to be a true PRO at this game.

So if you wanna be pro..make your own tune. Don't be lazy, don't take the easy way out, don't bet your car/money on someone else's tune. Make your own!


  • dimi937dimi937 Registered Users 590 Posts
    +1. AWESOME
  • Old WomanOld Woman Registered Users 2,799 Posts
    Ha I already do that on every car I make a new tune I don't write them down I'm just too lazy so I never have the same tuned car in my garage unless I won a few off someone.
  • UnknownUnknown 0 Posts
    PM me if you seen any errors on one of my tunes. There is a possibility that I may have written the wrong Stage3/Pro part number which is why I usually try and write out the part name.
  • 1Bullet1Deer1Bullet1Deer Registered Users 422 Posts
    I agree with shin completely. All my tunes i do the math for myself, look at the dyno chard, practice the shifts etc..., that's why i'm a good player. I also right down the tune I favor this way when i'm building alot of cars i can tune them quickly
  • ShinBeatsShinBeats Registered Users 908 Posts
    DJChris, I'm not saying your tunes are bad. I'm not saying their good. I'm saying that no one can trust another's tune UNLESS they verify it themselves by doing the math, and should just build their own car instead of copying someone else's and possibly having to redo major parts of it anyway.
  • ShinBeatsShinBeats Registered Users 908 Posts
    Idk about y'all but I don't wanna put my mils and my cars in the hands of someone else.
  • ShinBeatsShinBeats Registered Users 908 Posts
    LOL he deleted his posts!
  • JdmlowkieJdmlowkie Registered Users 1,200 Posts
    This is one topic I 100% agree with, so many people go on the "give me your tunes section" or the "tips and tricks section" to ask for tunes, you'll know the shinbeats guide is actually pretty accurate :D
  • JDMBIRDJDMBIRD Registered Users 94 Posts
    I build my own tunes, and it makes a difference. When it comes to the game, the real difference is that you have just a little dedication to the car. When you just put someone else's tune in, chances are you don't know the shift points, you probably can't launch, and don't ever practice with the car. So that being said, keep using others tunes and keep betting pinks, my garage is getting larger
  • Nolan SpeerNolan Speer Registered Users 372 Posts
    Couldn't be truer. If you're not going to put the work into it and would rather be lazy copying someone else's tune then you are setting yourself up for failure. Read my signature, it will back me up on this. ;) I don't put out horrible tunes for people to use but I also don't work on them very much so there's always a CHANCE that they are NOT THE BEST.
  • ShinBeatsShinBeats Registered Users 908 Posts
    Y'all still not making your own tunes I see. BUMP.
  • OFF ROAD HEMI2OFF ROAD HEMI2 Registered Users 1,011 Posts
    I get personal satisfaction from my tunes kicking butt on the track. But that's just me. Lol
  • warningxwarningx Registered Users 400 Posts
    I started today, actually :) and after reading your tips (not very thoroughly I might add), I've gotten great results :) Including my now 9.6 second RX-8. BUT...I did tune them backwards at first and wasted about $20k XD bwahahahaha. And since I changed some things around, I'm excited to see what my already 8.430 second NSX will bring to the table :)
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