Over the course of the last five years, Racing Rivals has grown into one of the most hardcore racing games in the world. This loyal community has spent countless hours competing in millions of races in “winner take all” fashion – all in the name of Turf Wars and pink slips.

However, all good things must come to an end… After spending time evaluating Rivals and its future – we’ve decided that it’s time to move on. Simply put, the revenue generated from Racing Rivals unfortunately no longer covers the cost of operations. This was not an easy decision to make.

On March 31st, 2019 – Rivals will be racing off into the sunset, and will be permanently shut down. Current players have until this date to utilize any accumulated virtual currency. We’ll be offering some massive reductions in the cost of crates, installs and repairs in addition to a reduction on timers as you race your way into the history books. Effective immediately, no new in-app purchases will be permitted.

In closing, a resounding and sincere THANK YOU to our extremely driven fans for your loyalty and dedication over the years – we hope you’ve enjoyed playing Racing Rivals as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

Thoughts on the join lobby feature

Holeshot9892Holeshot9892 Junior MemberRegistered Users 543 Posts
Im looking for some serious educated feedback on this topic of lobby jumpers.
Me personally I despise lobby jumping and I blame it on the join feature. I feel like the join feature should be removed from the game to get back to fair even racing. I'm looking for people's opinions on the matter, because it seams like the function is used to either cheat or trade cars , and nine times out of ten someone is hustled and on some form of social media complaining about it. So why not turn this feature off, and buy your own cars?


  • OICU812OICU812 Senior Member Registered Users 166 Posts
    Here here !!!!
  • RodBreakRodBreak Unregistered / Not Logged In, Registered Users 1 Posts
    So how about if someone, a real friend you want to race with, wants to join, you have to accept him in. Then only the racer could be to blame for lobby jumping. i would not accept anyone i didnt know. Im sick of it too, and the bullying that goes along with it. I myself like to race a friend for practice and fun but someone always has to ruin it for everybody.I guess its hard to either do or dont
  • DozerboyDozerboy Junior Member Registered Users 213 Posts
    Its never going away give it up.... Its great for trading/selling cars
  • james614james614 Unregistered / Not Logged In, Registered Users 179 Posts
    Sales/trades are "unsupported", but they keep the lobby broken to continue to support it. They could easily, EASILY make a dedicated lobby just for joining friends where player stats arent counted and SC is not impacted.
  • Holeshot9892Holeshot9892 Junior Member Registered Users 543 Posts
    I feel like I lot of people have lost sight about what this game is really about. This is a drag racing game, and seams like people are more into car collecting than actual racing. I think a separate lobby for those people would improve the game, and the people that just want to race would enjoy the game more too.
  • NavyVetNavyVet Junior Member Registered Users 182 Posts
    They need to make it so you can only "join" with a car rated for the lobby.
  • R__U__B__YR__U__B__Y Unregistered / Not Logged In, Registered Users 69 Posts
    @navyvet great suggestion :smile:
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