Over the course of the last five years, Racing Rivals has grown into one of the most hardcore racing games in the world. This loyal community has spent countless hours competing in millions of races in “winner take all” fashion – all in the name of Turf Wars and pink slips.

However, all good things must come to an end… After spending time evaluating Rivals and its future – we’ve decided that it’s time to move on. Simply put, the revenue generated from Racing Rivals unfortunately no longer covers the cost of operations. This was not an easy decision to make.

On March 31st, 2019 – Rivals will be racing off into the sunset, and will be permanently shut down. Current players have until this date to utilize any accumulated virtual currency. We’ll be offering some massive reductions in the cost of crates, installs and repairs in addition to a reduction on timers as you race your way into the history books. Effective immediately, no new in-app purchases will be permitted.

In closing, a resounding and sincere THANK YOU to our extremely driven fans for your loyalty and dedication over the years – we hope you’ve enjoyed playing Racing Rivals as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

Speed Rating and Lobby Changes

[RR] Ryyst[RR] Ryyst AdministratorRegistered Users, Moderators 3,814 Posts
There have been reports of some player’s cars having their speed rating increase, and we have seen reports of specific tuned cars being placed into higher lobbies than normal.

These changes are intentional.

We are constantly striving to provide a more accurate racing experience. Part of that is so we can better detect when a car is going faster than it should. Basically, we want to be better at catching would be cheaters. Due to this newly improved system, we detected some discrepancies that needed to be remedied. We basically found that there was a slight difference in reporting times from our side of the game and the player’s side. In order for our new system to work, that difference needed to be fixed, this is what we did. The effect is that our tool is now more accurate, which helps everyone.

The side effect of this change is that because we eliminated the discrepancy, tunes that were on the border between two lobbies may find that they have been bumped up to the next lobby. For example a speed rating of 1656 used to be at the high end of its lobby, and now it’s been corrected to be at the low end of the next lobby. Additionally, this change could bump up a car’s speed rating as well if it was on the edge.

We apologize for the confusion and will work harder to make sure that the players are informed of these changes and how that might affect cars and racing. This is one step of many in improving the game, so there will be more to come.
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  • dwdtuningdwdtuning Registered Users 12,932 Posts
    Thanks for ruining just about every beast turf tune out there chief. In the middle of turf, at the beginning of your 4th special. Smooth move

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  • foppa99zulufoppa99zulu Unregistered / Not Logged In, Registered Users 36 Posts
    Your attempt to improve the game is appreciated. However, it is deeply disturbing that there was no heads up given. This is a significant change that will impact our ability to race in this weekends turf and the special event to be held this week. It is a holiday weekend for many. Are we expected to spend the holiday re-tuning all the cars that will be required to perform well in these events? This change is significant in that it will cause many of us to spend hours re-tuning not to mention the large amount of RRC it will cost. How convenient for you. Not to mention that you do not make it easy to determine which lobby our cars will fall into. On several occasions your customer service team has been nice enough to explain the rounding concept to me when I have complained about dual conversion cars being in the wrong lobby. They also explained to me that the number listed on the car is no guarantee as to which lobby the car will be placed into. There is no easy/guaranteed way to hop into a lobby to check to see which lobby that car will fall into during showdown or turf. This makes the whole re-tuning though even more frustrating and challenging. Get rid of the room or track numbers and make the track numbers based on where the car will rank during turf. 1656-A, 1656-B, 1656-C. Those would be helpful track numbers.

    As for me, I am strongly considering my future here. I have little desire to continue to pour in time and money to a game where unmeasurable effort can be wiped out so nonchalantly. How much was the end user impact taken into consideration when balancing these lobbies? Was this change important enough to cause all this heartache for us? Was there no other way to mitigate these time reporting discrepancies? Are you prepared to compensate us for the RRC cost we will incur?

    If you think this is an insignificant change, think again. I have heard from many that say they are done. We just endured the great hacking era of RR where our losses were significant. Now this.

    If nothing else, I hope you learn to take into account customer impact and the importance of communication for any future changes.

  • shtoobieshtoobie Registered Users 7,944 Posts
    Change it back, nearly every serious turfer in the game now wants to burn you guys alive.You're going to lose a lot of sales and players soon.
  • nfacnfac Registered Users 977 Posts
    Ruh roh
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  • Andrej095Andrej095 Junior Member Registered Users 6,118 Posts
    And its an improvement? lol
    Last week first 2 teams self crushed and its game improvement? No more turf tunes. Where is so called improvement?
  • 69 FASTBACK69 FASTBACK Junior Member Registered Users 1,262 Posts
    Yep....you just ruined all of my tunes and cars...
    Aye I quit
  • AnonymousAnonymous Registered Users 3,837 Posts
    @[RR] ryyst is the tuning turf bot going to be available now?
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  • forsakened_oneforsakened_one Registered Users 2,439 Posts
    What a joke..all this will do is turn more racers that have spent countless hours of tuning and money away from game....good job
  • KiwiREKiwiRE Registered Users 2,615 Posts
    Just about the dumbest thing you all could've done. There are dozens if not hundreds of players spread across the many Facebook pages and forums that are now selling off their accounts. I highly suggest returning things back to the way that they were or else this will be another game with a 1 star rating in the app stores with no players.
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  • diputs_gamingdiputs_gaming Junior Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Game is utterly ruined. I don't even have that many cars compared to most.. but over 500 cars with tunes that don't work.. that's emm maybe 2 or 3 weeks of tuning and tens of millions of rrc thanks glu. Good job and nice work. How about just do what other games do and actually fix the cheat.. instead of ruining the game..
  • HowienHowien Member Registered Users 166 Posts
    edited July 2016

    You do realize that if a car is tuned prober its on the edge. So what we have, is basicly yet another fuckup from you IMO useless coders. Hell ive heard in my earpiece, that you guys dont even have any clue, on what times a car can produce in any given lobby. If thats the case, how on earth should this change anything?

    ALL of our tunes are yet again ruined. We are talking endless hours and rrc spent on tuning and testing. Are we gonna have any sort of compensation for this stunt? I actully DEMAND that you compensate the whole bunch of us ASAP, This is afterall the second time you pull this stunt, and IMO enough is enough.

    Not much to say to that many vets have sold out and moved on. If it aint the stinking glitchers that ruin the game, its the freaking devs.. ANNOYING

    Regards from the cold north. Jesper
    Btw funny how you deletet my last post on your blog and your own answer in ryysts blog some months back, did your mouth ran away with you? Hahahahahaha

    EDIT. What you guys have been better off with, was either take the times from racing rivals collective records, or hire Daniel Powers AKA Prodigral grim (dont know the guy) for a couple of months to race times for you. Aint excactly rocket sience, is it? But hell no, much better to take and use the first idea, coming up at some breakfast meeting at your office. As usual this is yet another idea from you guys, that havent been thoughtet trough. And imo its kinda left hand work:(
  • adeechiadeechi Member Registered Users 7,246 Posts
    Pretty much all tunes have to be remade. I'm gonna take a look at the July 4th events but then I'm calling it quits like a bunch of other people.
    Thanks glu enjoy the excessive support you're getting now
  • TimothyLiuTimothyLiu Registered Users 34 Posts
    So this means the world record have to be reset. And my tune books are now worthless. Good job Glu. U guys "fixed" the game once again.
  • levushlevush Junior Member Registered Users 14 Posts
    So pretty much i just lost all the gems and real money i dump into tuning hundreds of cars...This is such b.s...This so called FIX is absolute garbage. .i will no longer put money into this game....
  • DdgDktaRlzDdgDktaRlz Registered Users 15,244 Posts
    Lol, glu is wanting to revamp the game... By eliminating the current players.

    Woo hoo, nice job.
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  • 2HIPSI2HIPSI Senior Member Registered Users 6,984 Posts
    This isn't the first time GLU or previously CIE has done this, the lobbies are back to how they originally were when the game first started. Doesn't everyone remember when they changed the upgrade system? All the tunes were lost....... Everyone lived can you believe it!!!!

    The truth is, now the real "tuners" will figure it out. All the recycled tunes that most people use and share are not originals, let the real games begin because I call this the equalizer :)
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  • Zero 2 one hundredZero 2 one hundred Junior Member Registered Users 2,556 Posts
    edited July 2016
    While I agree with you @2HIPSI about people figuring it out eventually, it's still doesn't change the fact that it will cost time, gems and RRC to retune these cars. Add that to the fact that there was no real heads up or announcement ( during turf/ holiday weekend no less) and you're going to have people that are pissed. Rightfully so.
  • BTSRBTSR Junior Member Registered Users 427 Posts
    Every single Pigpen and publicly known tune is now worthless. Now the only people who will wiin are those who have even more top secret tunes. Available for sale by paypal and rrc.

    Ordinary people get hosed. The big shots get better.

  • C y r u sC y r u s Junior Member Registered Users 293 Posts
    The lobby rating and changes to all the tunes is compete crap. Glu tried to improve the game but in turn ruined some of the best aspects of the game. You just killed so many racers and their interest in the game. Corporate puppets who have no idea how to run a a company that caters to the consumer.

    Glu successfully took a huge crap on the game and all those who keep you in business without any warning at all. Don't worry Ryyst, I'll hand you some change on the freeway off ramp when your out of a job and you find out that admins and moderators are a dime a dozen and shouldn't make more than the average high school kid who flips burgers for money to afford his next 20 sack and a forty. I had a feeling you idiots who destroy a good thing and it appears that's extactly what you did. I hope to god someone hacks this POS game and sinks it further down the drain
  • HowienHowien Member Registered Users 166 Posts
    2HIPSI said:

    This isn't the first time GLU or previously CIE has done this, the lobbies are back to how they originally were when the game first started. Doesn't everyone remember when they changed the upgrade system? All the tunes were lost....... Everyone lived can you believe it!!!!

    The truth is, now the real "tuners" will figure it out. All the recycled tunes that most people use and share are not originals, let the real games begin because I call this the equalizer :)

    Well thats not correct. Back in the days when they changed the lobbys, they changed it by 2 rating points. Ive only testet one car and i had to drop 1 point. And lost 0.1ish on the times

    But if your right, and its that easy, we just need to find our old tunes out again.

    And of course most tunes are sharing. Or loss of good cars. Dont tell me you only use your own tunes:)
  • KKDude11432KKDude11432 Junior Member Registered Users 7,358 Posts
    I'm just gonna do what I did last time this happened... Go to CSR (CSR 2 Now), and work to create a "life" there... then come back in a month when half or more of this crap settles, then get back to RR.
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  • SpeedyGonzalez69SpeedyGonzalez69 Registered Users 44 Posts

    There have been reports of some player’s cars having their speed rating increase, and we have seen reports of specific tuned cars being placed into higher lobbies than normal.

    These changes are intentional.

    Is there a page or any kind of accessible information regarding what exactly those changes are?

    I really do appreciate your efforts to improve the game, but it would work much better if regular guys like me had a chance to know what to change exactly. So far it's all a pretty big confusion. :)

    Thanks for any info and advice you can give Ryyst.
  • penismightierpenismightier Junior Member Registered Users 939 Posts
    It very interesting how a change occurred very dramatically... and this change will result in GLU making lots of money off people having to retune most cars.... yet they say it is to improve the game...

    Wanna improve my game.... leave it the **** alone!
  • Spilt1Spilt1 Junior Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    You have ruined 2 years of work in compiling a tune book all tunes are now useless it's just like playing multiplayer with lobby jumpers I will not be playing until this is reversed and I will open a case with apple and get 2 years worth of funds reimbursed you can't just change the rules of the game after so many years of running it a certain way
  • RogerTheTodgerRogerTheTodger Unregistered / Not Logged In, Registered Users 152 Posts
    Improvement?????? ....HAHHAHAHHAHAHHA Ka Plonk!

    OMG! I Laughed so hard my HEAD FELL OFF
  • Gypsy Drag KingGypsy Drag King Junior Member Registered Users 20 Posts
    Spent 2 years testing & tuning & now all my tunes are worthless , now I have to serine to 67 to get car in 68 lobby , not gonna retune 600 cars ,if ur intention is to destroy the game you've succeeded , all u have left now is noobs who won't spend a dime on this game & all vets have left can't wait till I see u guys go bankrupt
  • Bling_AsphaltBling_Asphalt Junior Member Registered Users 16 Posts
    Weve been collecting and making tunes for years. Tunes that are precious to us. The tunes made our accounts worth something. Now they are worthless apart from turf cars. The game was good, the best. RIP.
  • BTSRBTSR Junior Member Registered Users 427 Posts
    edited July 2016
    How about telling us exactly what changes were made? Otherwise, what you're doing is taking huge sacks of money away from everyone in the game. But then again, that's the goal of the game from Glu's perspective, isn't it?

    Seriously, you need to tell us what the new lobby ratings are.

    If 1650.4 is no longer in the 1650 lobby, then that needs to be updated.
  • nfacnfac Registered Users 977 Posts
    @Ryyst I actually think this is long over due. The car rating system has been a joke forever. In no circumstance should you have a 1656 rated a class 370z racing a 56 rated m2re. The fact is the system was broke. If you fixed it congrats..

    I would like to ask a favor, lol, could you guys add a time and date stamp or at least a date stamp to the post race results? A percentage of us care about the wr ets. And we have no way of knowing if times being reported are new times or old and as you know some people lack integrity. If times reported had the date stamp in the post race ss we'd know it's new. Ty

    My apologies to everyone who lost their tunes. I lost mine too but I believe that the game will be better off if more cars are competitive. The best tuners and drivers will still be the best tuners and drivers. It won't be just the guy w the best car beats every other car and if you can't get that car your screwed.
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  • nfacnfac Registered Users 977 Posts
    @KKDude11432 I've got csr tunes on my yt channel you can check out while you wait, lol.

    They're a couple years old but can point you in the right direction bud. ;)
    Youtube Channel: NotFooling AroundCrew
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