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switching times,light lag,and red light spin out..

I'm under the impression people switches our times in the end..cause I was in a k:one and he was in a nissmo gt3 and I finished first on that race ..in the end were it says waiting for opponent and checking results it took awhile next thung you know I lost to him saying he ran a 6.6 and I ran a 6.8..something was fishy there cause I run 6.5-6.6on boost without perfect launch. .and what really caught my attention his racer pic is a screen shot of the waiting for opponent screen and his racer name says it all..it was take time 4..dies anybody agree with that??


  • jepordy908RRjepordy908RR Registered Users 1,046 Posts
    Happend to me b4
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  • FugyeaFugyea Registered Users 408 Posts
    Yes, this happened a few times to me over the weekend. Just another cheater hack from worthless thieves that have to steal from a free game.
  • CHSJACHSJA Registered Users 407 Posts
    I was also hacked out of a car over the weekend. I challenged pinks. Got the waiting for apponent screen. I thought he was light lagging me. Then all of a sudden the race was over and I lost. Even though aia never saw so much as a gas pedal. He had a time of 0.00 and mine was DNF. Was definately a hack, as I could not have had some other issue with internet or anything else.
  • Koaleader171Koaleader171 Registered Users 457 Posts
    @CHSJA I've seen that one a few times off and on over the years of playing. I've never managed to find out if its a hack of some sort, or just a glitch in the tie system. Seems to happen rarely, and I've never seen it happen twice when racing the same person. That one is a mystery to me.
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  • RogerTheTodgerRogerTheTodger Unregistered / Not Logged In, Registered Users 152 Posts
    Happened to me on pinks in Turf. He even called no boost so was surprised when pinks cam up but thought f*ck it why not. Put boost on and pink. I hit perfect launch but didn't see RT (was too bus racing) I crossed first and then it takes ages checking results and I lost with a .14x RT. I'm pretty sure I couldn't get a perfect launch with that RT so something stinks.

    Was only a POS SRT4 so dont really GAS. But is annoying.

    There's a also another one where it goes to the Waiting for opponent countdown shit. That maxes out. Then you find you lost.
  • FugyeaFugyea Registered Users 408 Posts
    DRIFT RED 857 Uses this cheat to win. Its the only way he can win. Race, WIN, the finish is delayed and you lose. DRIFT RED 857 is a SCAMMER
  • [RR] Prodigal Grim[RR] Prodigal Grim Registered Users, Administrator, Moderators 206 Posts
    edited September 2016
    Hey guys. Time switching isn't a cheat. There are two types of internet protocols that relate to this issue. TCP and UDP. I'll explain it like this. Whenever you do a networked action (online, in game, over the internet) information goes from the user to the server.

    UDP (User Datagram Protocol): information is thrown from the user to the server. hopefully the server got it or it misses out.
    TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): information is thrown to from the user to the server. The user then listens for the server to say it got the message. If the message wasn't received, the user will resend the information up to X amount of times until the server replies or the user has tried those X times which causes the message to time out.

    The server and user are in constant conversation during and after the race. That's how you're able to see your opponents car. (If you've ever seen the opponents car finish first and lose or jump around on the track....It's because someone's connection isn't good and the either the server or one of the users is playing catchup). At the end of the race, both players (player A and player B ) report to the server. If player B ran the fastest time but due to a bad connection doesn't report within that timeframe, the win will go to player A.

    BUT WAIT....

    When Player A sees the time results, they'll see their time and a DNF, DISCONNECTED, 0.000 for Player B.

    When Player B sees the time results, they'll see Player A's time and their time with either be DNF, 0.000, or their time.

  • The_Rumor_TrollThe_Rumor_Troll Registered Users 140 Posts
    This game runs on timers. There are timers for every single action in the game. If at any point you don't meet the required time to perform an action, it results in a time out.

    You click race on an opponent, they have X amount of seconds to bet, race or chicken, time out and it auto chickens.

    Race starts and you have 25-30 seconds to establish a secure connection to the server and your opponent, time out for more than 6 seconds and a safety screen pops up warning you when a connection is made, giving you 6 seconds to get ready to race. If no connection is made after 25-30 seconds the race times out and a tie result is given.

    Once the connection us secure and stable you have 25-30 secondds to complete the race, failure to do so is DNF

    Once the race is complete, you then have another timer activated to send your race results to the server, if you miss the set time for said action you can see there weird displays show up on the results screen. It could be a time that appears swapped but really isn't. It could be a 0.000 / 0.000 result screen with you losing, but there is an actual time on the race and your opponent who won sees you get a DNF.

    Hope this information helps.
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