Over the course of the last five years, Racing Rivals has grown into one of the most hardcore racing games in the world. This loyal community has spent countless hours competing in millions of races in “winner take all” fashion – all in the name of Turf Wars and pink slips.

However, all good things must come to an end… After spending time evaluating Rivals and its future – we’ve decided that it’s time to move on. Simply put, the revenue generated from Racing Rivals unfortunately no longer covers the cost of operations. This was not an easy decision to make.

On March 31st, 2019 – Rivals will be racing off into the sunset, and will be permanently shut down. Current players have until this date to utilize any accumulated virtual currency. We’ll be offering some massive reductions in the cost of crates, installs and repairs in addition to a reduction on timers as you race your way into the history books. Effective immediately, no new in-app purchases will be permitted.

In closing, a resounding and sincere THANK YOU to our extremely driven fans for your loyalty and dedication over the years – we hope you’ve enjoyed playing Racing Rivals as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

What does the game need?



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    DuceRee said:

    Perks for people with sc would not be to.bright for many reasons such as unfair advantages when racing unless ...it's perks such as benefits the t1 teams recieve after turf

    Really like that idea, street credit on this game is basically worthless. If you could use your street credit to earn some type of benefits then more people would push to obtain that street credit. Would also be cool to see it drop if you don't maintain your stature.
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    I'm excited that this forum is open and these suggestions requested. I hope that they're reviewed carefully and that many get implemented into the game. After all, it's the players who are in the game every day and know what could be helpful in improving the game. Obviously, not everything can be done and not all things immediately implemented, but at least there's some food for thought and steps being taking in the right direction. It seems that Glu either ignored their results or was hugely lacking in their ability to conduct heuristic tests prior to update releases. Hopefully, with the changeover, these oversights can be corrected.

    So, here's a few of my thoughts:

    - CAR SELECTION: Easier way to skip to cars (eg. click letter of alphabet). With hundreds of cars, it becomes a mission to get to the K-N range.

    - CAR ORDER: When selecting turf/showdown eligible cars, it makes more sense to list them from highest to lowest rating, rather than the other way around, like it is now. Nobody is using their lowest rated cars first.

    - TURF/SHOWDOWN CHICKEN BUTTON: The chicken out/forfeit button should be in all events, not just multi. I can think of absolutely no reason why it's removed from turf and showdown. It's ridiculous and annoying. I usually race max lobbies and when I'm in R class or below and constantly get challenged by R3, I often will have to sit and wait for 30 seconds for 5 or 6 races in a row before I'm even able to challenge someone myself.

    - RACER SHOWDOWN TOP 5 REWARDS: Reintroducing better rewards, eg. special cars or other incentives, for players who come 1-5 in showdown would welcome. It seems a bit unfair on the person who comes 1st that they get the same reward as someone who comes 75th.

    DISPLAY PLAYER'S RATING: This will stop lobby jumpers joining lower lobbies and tricking people into pinks with their maxed cars. People generally know what a car's rating is based on the lobby they are in anyway. People's tunes are still secret.
    It seems, therefore, that nobody will really be disadvantaged by having their rating displayed when clicked on, except for lobby jumpers. And quite frankly, nobody gives a shit if lobby jumpers are called out and shown as the bottom feeders they are.

    - ADDITIONAL LOBBY RATING: A lobby in between 68 and 85 would be good. Maybe 74, allowing for all maxed S class to race each other.

    - CAR TRADE/SALE: I know it's been requested a million times, but it would be amazingly beneficial to the game to introduce a trade function, whereby once both parties submit the car and then bot agree, the trade happens automatically. You'd avoid losing countless players who get annoyed by the dishonest players and decide to never play again. It should incorporate but car and rrc capabilities, including combinations of vehicle/rrc.

    - INVENTORY TRADE/SALE: Introducing a way to also trade/sell Inventory would be amazing! So many people end up with left over blueprints and to be able to swap with people so that cars can be completed would be so great. It would mean a lot of extra cars in the game and a lot less disappointment when you're missing one blueprint and the car gets vaulted. Same with wheels/paint/ underglow/headlights. Currently, it's a massive risk to hand over a car to someone to trust them add something and then give it back. A way to just trade inventory would eliminate this risk and also free up some space for people with full inventories who want to make room.

    - TURF WAR CAR CLASS / NEW CARS: It would be great if you could show what class the turf cars are prior to beginning. There's nothing more disappointing that thinking you're going for an R or R2 class and then finding out it's B class at the end of turf.
    And PLEASE, put some new turf cars in. Lately, with the exception of the Mazda rx7 RE and the Ford GT RE, it's just the same old cars popping up again with a different wrap on it.

    - CHAT 'UNAVAILABLE': Have an 'unavailable' or 'silent' function whereby you are unavailable to chat. Sometimes, people just want to play without chatting to other people, even their in-game friends. It could be as simple as the player appearing to be offline.

    - HIGHER MAX LEVEL/ACHIEVEMENT REWARDS: Add another 250 levels to achieve and maybe make the level up reward a little more encouraging than 4 gems or $1000.

    - ADDITIONAL CAMPAIGNS: PLEASE add more campaigns to complete. Like an Extreme Campaign and make it difficult AF so it's a real achievement to complete it. It would give more reasons to continue playing and provide content through which players could aim for level 500 instead of stopping at 250.

    - OCCASIONAL PLAYER INCENTIVES: A little more appreciation of players would be nice. eg. Happy Holidays gift of ANYTHING and not passing off things you have to purchase as 'gifts'. I spend plenty of real money and am not in the habit of asking for free gems like a cheapskate, but the occasional gift on a significant day would go a long way to showing players that it's not all take, take, take with this game.

    - SPECIAL OFFER REWARDS DELIVERY: I know this one is Fyber's problem but maybe you could have a discussion with them about the process of delivery of the gems on the larger special offers. I had to deliver the same proof 3 times and it quite literally took 2 and a half weeks for me to get my reward gems from them. This is not the first time it's happened. More often than not I have to submit follow up requests, and it's just painful and unacceptable.

    I could go on and on but hopefully these are a few helpful suggestions that open up discussions on your end. I'm sure more will follow later on.

    Happy racing!
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    A lot of great ideas in here guys and gals, keep it up!!!
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    I just wanted to say all of these are being read. At some point I will try and address all of them, even if its a simple "We like this idea" or "We'll revisit this at another time" or even a "This would be to hard to do without rewriting the game"

    That being said, we are definitely approaching the game from a player experience stand point. We feel that if the player experience is awesome, we won't have to worry about the bottom line.

    This also means that not everything suggested will make it into the game, and as you can see there are a lot of great suggestions, not all of these will be implemented right away. Many of these may be simple enough, a lot of them may be more complex and would need a lot of work. So please be patient. We will try and be as forthcoming as we can.
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    I think crates that you can purchase for RRC would be cool

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  • casique23casique23 Registered Users 2,778 Posts
    @DualShocker182 Yeah like 300k per bronze 600k for silver and 1mil for gold or maybe even more
  • DualShocker182DualShocker182 Registered Users 5,256 Posts
    @casique23 that sounds pretty decent

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    @DualShocker182 gems are literally the only way this game is still alive, no way that will ever happen
  • JohnKIVJohnKIV Registered Users 3,620 Posts
    @Tu66y all fantastic ideas. Except for the ability to sell blue prints. I see why you would want that but I feel that would give ppl with multuple accounts an unfair advantage. Example my last team had 16 accounts on it that where all the same person.
  • DuceReeDuceRee Registered Users 13,675 Posts
    @eXxPLoSiOn yeah when I first started in always wanted to earn some sc but when I got some it was like wait what's the point lol
  • EllusionistGioEllusionistGio Registered Users 1,256 Posts
  • casique23casique23 Registered Users 2,778 Posts
    Please make it so you can take off Nos it will make certain prices for cars be more stable or u can charge maybe 50 gems to take it off
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  • casique23casique23 Registered Users 2,778 Posts
  • aubassplayeraubassplayer Registered Users 2,725 Posts
    How about being able to buy boost with rrc???
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    The game needs to stop being gayy -drops mic-
  • AshoSpeedAshoSpeed Registered Users 4,151 Posts
    Seriously it needs to drop fyber immediately those scamming scumbags
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    Can yo make a multi delete for friends list I hate having to delete one person then it goes back to where you first started it's annoying to scroll all the way to the end after each person you unfriend
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    #keepthenos. Build your garages like we did!

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    Remove the nos stop the greed I don't care what value I lose from it
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    Remove the nos option..#bottlesareforbabies
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  • dwdtuningdwdtuning Registered Users 12,932 Posts
    Its not a stock part! Its a conversion. And like all conversion they should stay!

    So y'all want to be able to take off stg1 weight too? Take none conversion cars back to all motor too?

    We had to build our garages. We had to grind our tunes. We had to win. We had to lose. We had to learn. Y'all should to. And so should every new person. Like I said the correct step would be for carbonated to change the campaign and actually teach people how to proper tune. Campaign makes you No's of the rip. Giving the last years worth of players to now the wrong impressions.



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  • C y r u sC y r u s Registered Users 293 Posts
    Copy and paste tune option. If you want to tune 20 civic si's, it would be so much easier to copy it to a bunch of cars rather than do one at a time. You would still have the parts install time and gem option to complete tune. This would make it easier for players to be competitive in turf and showdown. Either that or unlock the parts so you don't have to install stage by stage. If I want a pro part, why not just click that part, get the install time and gem option to complete? Seems to me that an option like this would increase playability and make a lot more teams competitive in turf
  • f150lifef150life Registered Users 177 Posts
    I would like the garage to have every ex: m3 under 1 car and every Camaro in your garage under 1 Camaro then listed by rating. It takes forever scrolling around.

    Being able to buy multiple cars from the showroom instead of 1 at a time.

    Reduced time of upgrading especially at R class and above.

    Reduced delivery times.

    A lot of people are crying about the R class in performance crates since many spent 1600 gems on it. I'm not complaining about it but I understand their side of the argument.
  • FugyeaFugyea Registered Users 408 Posts
    I hve seen this before but nothing has been corrected. SCROLLING through the garageis a horrible experience. Sometimes its scrolls great. Sometimes just one car and other times not at all.
  • aubassplayeraubassplayer Registered Users 2,725 Posts
    @dwdtuning if I put nos on my car in real life. I can take it off later.. same thing with sc or turbo. Not saying it should be free but if I can take it off in real life why not in game.. I understand about you wonderful garage value. But that doesn't mean a thing to me...

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    As much as i dont really dont want to, i agree with @dwdtuning
  • D4NG3R 72D4NG3R 72 Registered Users 1,399 Posts
    Well, idk if anyone already mentioned this but I'm trying get my car which is old tuned 45 to get into new tune 45, I'm dropping parts bit by bit and it's frustrating, costing rrc and time, I just had my first go at test car in the tuning menu, I don't want to race myself, I want to race against a top of lobby tuned car... this seems a waste of space, I'm going into showdown and giving points away, fixing this would help, thanks
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