If you are experiencing issues in Sniper X with Jason Statham [PLEASE READ]

UlrickiiUlrickii New MemberRegistered Users 15 Posts
Step 1: Update to the most recent version of the game.

Step 2: Submit a Customer Care ticket. To enter a Customer Care ticket, click on the Gear in the upper left corner in game and select Customer Care. This is the ONLY way that your issues are formally tracked. The forums are not for formal issue tracking. If you do not submit a Customer Care ticket, we will not be able to view your account. If your CC ticket is closed before your issue has been resolved, simply reopen it by replying to the message. If you have not received a response yet, please be patient and be aware that we have millions of players on hundreds of devices playing dozens of games.

Step 3: If you want to discuss your issue on the forums to see if others are experiencing the same thing, please include what device/OS you are using. However, please be aware that the primary purpose of these forums is to provide a place for users to connect with and support other users. As such, admins and moderators will not be on all the time, and will only provide updates as they have them. Do not rely on a forum admin to necessarily address your issue on your thread, though they will provide more info as it is available. Again, the only formal way to address your issue is to submit a Customer Care ticket.

Step 4: Check back here for periodic updates. We try to update you several times a week if we have information available. If we have no information, we cannot provide any, so information may take longer to be delivered. Actual game updates are rolled out anywhere between a few days and a few weeks and with some updates, we require approval that will further delay going live; we are unable to provide any hard dates for this reason. Updates will also rollout across platforms at different times. If there is an update on one platform it may take longer for another to appear for this same reason.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have issues in a game you are enjoying. We will do our best to keep you updated as things progress.


  • RobbncinRobbncin New Member Registered Users 8 Posts
    Your statement on what to do if you are experiencing problems with sniper x is great in theory however in the real world it is not effective!! I opened a customer care ticket on sniper x Feb 2 stating the program crashes every time I try to collect prize money, every time I purchase a new weapon, every time I try to upgrade a weapon. The most positive statement I have received from glu is be patient! And my crashing problems continue. After 5 weeks my patience is wearing thin! I am using an apple iPad. Can you help or is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • RobbncinRobbncin New Member Registered Users 8 Posts
    On Feb 2 I opened a customer care ticket with glu on a crashing problem with sniper x (program crashes when I attempt to get money rewards, obtain new weapons and upgrade weapons) making this game difficult to play. Since the glu has offered no help I am going to try an delete the game and reload it knowing I may loose all my progress level 25, money earned $3,278,532,064, gold 1,462 and gun parts 4,974.

    I have been a paying customer (since 2014) and probably have enough money invested in this game to have paid for an x-box which I should have done to begin with. (Shame on me!)......with inticipation of loosing all progress I will take this opportunity to say to glu "ASTALAVISTA #%!@&". Really wanted to be more explicit than that but would have served no purpose.

    I am using Apple iPad, if anyone else is experiencing these problems glu will not help you, you will only get polite lip service.......the game is fun when it works so enjoy!
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