So what's the deal wit the Bow???

dagilb66dagilb66 Registered Users 1 Posts
Well I am at the point where I pretty much need the Bow and Arrows to do anything but target practice or get 2 folders from somebody every once In A while. But the worst part is that it seems like to get any farther they want you to spend bookoo bucks to go any farther. I mean the bow is 2000 gold bars and any of the upgrades on the other weapons is almost as bad and there is not really any way to get the gold bars. Well there is that free gold thing but of the 4 of them I have tried I haven't gotten anything. So how are you supposed to get enough gold to get the stuff that you need to keep going in the game.


  • buckmaster10215buckmaster10215 Registered Users 19 Posts
    I am in the same boat i am not buying that bow. Then the new spec ops mission have to wonder the people with the high scores must have a heck so they won't get kill i know there are hacks out there that has the features if thats the way they have to play its not fair to the rest of us well goid luck to them.
  •[email protected] Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same here 4 million dollars and can't use it
  • Martyn04Martyn04 Registered Users 2 Posts
    The good news is that you can get the bow without having to spend any cash at all. The bad news is that you need to have the patience of an angel. After ages of saving gold (collecting free gold and also downloading the odd game to get extra gold), I managed to get enough together WITHOUT spending any real money. I'm currently on map 31 and have 30million dollars and another 800 gold. You will hate me as I've not spent a cent on this game ever!!!
  • varmaharshvarmaharsh Registered Users 2 Posts
    well i say this: watch those free gold videos.. sometimes i get 50 to 80 gold in a day from those videos.. thats how i got my first Bow... plus gold from event helps too..
  • Fenix_TigreFenix_Tigre Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    I like the spin to win feature. It's a gamble but I often get what I need.
    I've started the game over a few times to understand the strategies needed, so as soon as I had 50+ bars of gold I went for a spin and won the 500 bars which allowed me to buy the Katana Elite at the discount price (which is always offered when you can't afford it unless you BUY a starter pack or just the gold. FML)
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