Sniper X Energy Cells

johnrosenberg1972johnrosenberg1972 New Member1 PostsRegistered Users
My question, is how long does each square come back? I know when you level up your energy cells refills up. You can refill up by watching the ad videos. You can refill up your energy level by wasting your gold bards. I don't want to do that. Overall I would like to know how time does it take to refill all eleven energy cells.


  • Fenix_TigreFenix_Tigre 7 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    edited June 14
    Ten minutes per bar of energy.
    When you tap on the energy meter, it tells you how much time is left for the automatic refill of one bar.
    A full refill of all ten (10) energy cells, requires 1hour and forty minutes (1:40:00)
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