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Downloaded the game from iTunes about a week ago. Did everything, but can't complete maps 3 or 4 due to missions not unlocking or showing up at all.

Animations are really nice, I like the way the bad guys fall down or fly around when blown up. Not always clear what the objectives are, and sometimes you have to fail a mission several times to figure them out. Drones can attack unseen from behind trees! Luckily you can shoot back the same way, so trees are basically decorations, not solid.

Can't upgrade your sniper rifle with all options. If you don't figure this out you're screwed on that rifle.

And Statham's voice is fun to hear.

Other things...
- Can't find way to get to zombie maps. Forum posts say to buy a Necrosis gun, can't find it in the game's store.
- Prices for shotguns and assault rifles seem too much vs. sniper guns. You end up playing all the sniper missions then go back to earlier maps with the best shotgun or assault rifle to finish the others. So you have killed the H V T but his guys are standing around waiting to get picked off.
- Easiest way to earn more cash to upgrade a gun is to go back to an earlier map and do assault rifle training. Easier to do and pays more.
- Freakin' reloads of shotgun won't let you interrupt and blast drones.


  • UlrickiiUlrickii New Member Registered Users 15 Posts
    What device are you playing on? Note that we need to know if it is Android or iOS and what iOS/Android version you are using (ie, iOS 9)
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