Update Notes - 02/27/2019

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Character Changes

"Not Boo's Door" no longer interrupts or prevents non-movement actions of the opponents prior to the ability's Stun effect being applied.
"Electric Current" now triggers a screenshake.

Spell Changes

The following Spells have received a balance pass and now have upgrades available:
  • Thunder Mountain Boom
  • Conjuring Cauldron
  • Clock Tower
  • Fairy Slumber
  • Hunny Pot
  • Mortal Potion
  • Poisoned Apple
  • Snowgies
  • Sugar Rush
  • Zap
  • Infinity Sided Die
  • Peter’s Shadow
  • Taxes
  • Enchanted Mirror
  • The Claw
  • Golden Hammer

User Interface Changes

  • Player Level Up screen now better displays unlocked features and rewards

Bug Fixes

  • Syndrome Security no longer highlight incorrect target areas of the battlefield when radioing in for support.
  • Ability Description Text is no longer able to be overlapped by the iPhone X "notch"
  • Selecting the Grand Adventure no longer can cause visual defects.

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