Update Notes 3/13/2019

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Arena Changes

  • Improved the rewards within the Arena Pack.
  • Trophies required to unlock the Arena Pack are now 20.

Store Changes

  • Adjustments made to contents and visuals of many packs and offers.

Gameplay Changes

All Airborne and Knockback effects no longer grant Disable Immunity.

 Character Changes

Jack Sparrow
Run Away!
  • Now immediately runs away when activated.
  • Now applies a self Cleanse when activated.
  • Now properly displays the "Invulnerable" helpful effect when activated.
Monterey Jack
Cheese Attack!
  • Character will now only play a special sound when they drop cheese IF they actually drop cheese.
Other Character Changes
Electrical Reflection
  • No longer permanent. Lasts a period of time and creates a window of opportunity when vulnerable
  • Is now able to be Purged
  • Now represented with accompanying visual effects.

Spell Changes

  • Now able to be summoned anywhere in the battlefield.
  • Now prioritize the closest opponent upon summoning.
  • Now properly matches the correct number to be summoned when preparing to cast.
Sugar Rush
  • Characters now receive an 'Extra Attack' properly if they are affected by Sugar Rush (Level 4).

Club Changes

Cavern Crawl
Adjusted the rewards for completion of an individual battle.

Bug Fixes

Passholder Quests referencing Merida's special abilities now properly mention the correct name.

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