Possible PVP or Tornaments

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Have you guys looked into more of a PVP End game for the top players, and even just for any player.
As arena has had some times were you can find other real opponents and when the game being able to use the emotes you collect to taunt congratulate or just show your feelings. 
Not only that but personally i like that this game has abit of strategy in team building and also in game. And it would be nice to have an area just for pvp or maybe little sit and go tornaments (so you can chose to join when you have available time).
For tornaments you could potentially do 3 tickets a day or 1 if thats too many. And have a little bracket you can join of maybe 8 players or 16(may get to long to complete). As games are only afew minutes long that could be achieved in less then half an hour.
I think alot of players would like to have a competitive aspect and strategic fun. (Maybe with some nice rewards)
Just an idea. Id love it and i know lots of the current players would love it.
And also some of my viewers that are waiting for global release would love if there is more pvp or competition.
As playing vs AI can get boring  frustrating or predictable at times.

Also as for the gold changes there definitely needs to be a way to obtain more gold, and reducing the gold reward from challenges was a mistake when the gold costs went up sooo much.
I find alot of the fun for me is team building and strategy but with such high costs to level up and upgrade characters is near impossible to get other characters up to a usable state makeing you stuck with only afew useable characters and limited choice with alot of um usable characters.


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    Thanks for the suggestions :) 

    I'll pass it along
    Bacon and Coffee, that's what I'm fueled by. 
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