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I am curious what the thoughts are for the daily quests with regards to levelling and enchanting. 

With the new club competition, it is even more important that we spread our resources and empower lots of different characters, and that is, of course, the whole point and the fun part.  But now people who started at the beginning are getting to level 60 and have levelled many characters.  Personally, I have only BoPeep at tier 1 now cuz I will spend a couple weeks using her for daily enchants.  I only have 3 char at tier 2. Daily enchant will get expensive, then impossible, within a few months. Eventually levelling will be in a similar situation.

Yes, a new character potentially provides us with two months of daily levelling and a month of daily enchants, but that is countered by the fact that people want to use the new characters right away.

I am new to these kind of games and did not foresee this potential pitfall when I enchanted tiers worth of characters at a time, but at the same time I wonder if that is actually a bit of bad logic on the part of the game? Daily, active players who try eagerly to advance their team should not be punished by falling into a situation where daily quests become a challenge. Once end game is reached, that is what keeps us logging in every day.

What are the thoughts on this, @MeatheadMilitia ?



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    I have played a lot of games similar to ours and seen many changes to their daily quests. 

    I'm not really in any particular camp as to how I want them to run, but definitely understand what you're saying. 

    Hypothetically, if we remove the gearing up and leveling up daily quests, which two new quests would you implement? @Jillathia

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    That’s an excellent question as just about everything is covered by the daily quests or guild quests.  Club conquest isn’t and could be used but it isn’t daily and there are potentially times where you just cannot attack.

    Maybe “Collect X character tokens from anywhere”?
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    Sorry! Vacation time. I am a bit slow at responding 😀

    Actually,  I think that up until level 60, the level one character a day and enchant one character day quests are very helpful.  I don’t think they should be removed or replaced. But perhaps once someone hits level 60 and goes into endgame mode, there could be some variation to the daily quests.

    For example you could randomly get two of 10-15 different quests to replace those two. Level one character and enchant one character could still be an option.  Getting it about once every 5 days instead of every day would make it much more doable.  Ludgate’s suggestion fits in well here too. Buy 1/2/3 tokens a day: this would also limit itself eventually but would be OK on a weekly basis.

    And since we are at end game, you can assume a better player roster than you could do earlier on. You could activate leaders. You could have a different random quest for each leader.  For example “Win one battle where Syndrome is leader”. I am most never use Syndrome. This would give me a great chance to explore him.  You could also activate the arcane system. “Win one battle utilizing three red arcana characters”. Or even placement “Win a battle with three mid-range characters.   This forces people to study the roster even more carefully. And that in turn motivates people when they’re at endgame. 

    I am not the most creative person but I am sure if you asked the community, they would have lots of good suggestions.  Basically I think the most important is that it isn’t something that self-limits and is something that keeps the game slightly different and interesting when one logs in every day for a year or more.
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    Even if you can't come up with new quests, maybe just use an auto detect system like the game already does when you have max tokens for a character even if you haven't ranked them up yet. If your account doesn't have any characters that are below current level cap, or that don't have any gear spots open, the relevant quest doesn't appear.
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