Update 5.1

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Power Rating Changes

From the Devs: the Power Rating is intended to be a holistic view of a Character's power by taking all avenues of progression into account. Up until this point, the Star Rarity of a Character was providing a disproportionately high contribution to Power when compared to the significant statistical gains from Gear. With the introduction of Club Conquest, this has resulted in some matchmaking issues where large rosters of high Star Rarity were inflating a Club's overall Power, creating imbalanced matches in some cases. With this change, Gear Tiers will contribute more significantly than they previously were. It's important to call out that no Character's actual effectiveness in battle have been adjusted, we're simply better aligning the Power Rating to reflect contributors to battle effectiveness.

Overall adjustments have been made to Power Rating in order to better represent Character progression paths' contribution to combat effectiveness. Additionally, reduced the overall values to provide a more readable number at a quick glance. 

Sorcerer Stone Changes

Now provides Power Rating when equipped.

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