NZ Mouseketeers are recruiting!

peppersaintpeppersaint 2 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Hi all! The NZ Mouseketeers have had a couple of recent openings due to inactive players dropping off, so if you're seeking a top 5 club that is interested building a strong player base for Club Conquest please send an invite our way. 

We have a level requirement of 40 atm, but preferably we're looking for players who are level 50+ that are active daily and can help us push to victory in CC. Happy to consider everyone though!

Club Name - NZ Mouseketeers

Club Description - A friendly bunch of committed players 
Club Play-style - Moving to a more hardcore player base now, committed to building a great club conquest team
Discord Requirement - Not required as of yet but definitely advantageous. 

Please feel free to send us an invite anytime.

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