7 star bazaar

JillathiaJillathia 31 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Perhaps it would be a nice extension of the 7-star bazaar to have exclusive outfits, talismans and emotes. Those of us that played Aladdin for the second time now have an additional 100 outfit tokens and 2 baby Rajah talismen. If these converted to overflow tokens (of a new outfit and talisman type) which could eventually be used to purchase an ultra exclusive talisman or outfit, it would feel more beneficial and inspiring. 

It is both a way to encourage passholder gold purchases and reward the patience for your seasoned players going through repeat events 😀


  • MeatheadMilitiaMeatheadMilitia 351 PostsRegistered Users, Administrator, Moderators, Member, Moderator
    I will pass the suggestion along :) Thank you! 
    Bacon and Coffee, that's what I'm fueled by. 
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